Does the love in movies really exist?

Is love tougher than expected or a picture perfect fairytale?

The value and importance, of staying in the moment.

PHR_Love_Is_Only_In_The_MoviesLove can be a triangle of emotions, it can be uplifting sad, motivating inspiring, and can make you feel as if you are in a dream state of awareness, the simple things start to make you happy, and life feels like it couldn’t get any better, at least that’s how things are in the start the love that exist in movies, and novels does exist almost for everyone that’s falling in love. You start to get trapped in that which is the down side, and when things go wrong most can’t accept it, that’s why it’s best to never for a moment forget, that loves requires work dedication hope and understanding, and most importantly, being selfless at times to make your partner feel cared for, the ego can be the end of a relationship, and the start of a heart break, always remain present and don’t forget the requirements that love can call on to you sometimes.

Fact from fiction

  1. My current relationship feels like the love I’ve been dreaming of, will it last forever? The search is over! You tell yourself you found the one, who brings you the emotions you have been seeking, the love that makes you feel a burning fire in your soul that you have never experienced before. There words bring you to a moment and state of euphoria and bliss, there care makes you feel safe and secure, as if no matter what’s going on outside of the relationship doesn’t matter, with theme you can conquer the world. Well….. will this last forever? Yes! It can and I say it can very lightly, because many people can’t handle the struggles that start to come, the issues that happen when you and your partner start to doubt, one another the arguments, that make you say the words you thought you would never say…. I hate you! When love is strong so is the negative aspects, that’s where things start to get tricky, and you feel like that true love you have been dreaming of just doesn’t exist, but I can let you know that it can work out, if you accept the ting and yang within the universe the duality, of good and bad, as there is happy moments so will sad ones follow, if everything is going to well in a relationship, how will you and your partner grow as a couple, it is the hardships that make the love stronger, and knowing that love isn’t just all about the good times but also the bad, than that’s when true commitment happens.
  2. Accepting all aspects of your partner. The true way to make things work is to not only, accept the side of love and care that your partner possesses, but also to accept there annoying moments, there not so funny moments, the moments that just makes you wanna walk away, and give up, with having a higher expectation of your partner to always be perfect, is unattainable setting a standard of theme, can bring stress to your partner and result in lies terrible communication, and not knowing what’s really going on, cause your partner may start to feel as if there voice can’t be heard, because they might fear your disappointment and disapproval, and your ultimate reaction, acceptance is key to a long lasting relationship.

The important rule of a long term relationship. Patience

My favorite saying is good things come to those who wait, and in love that’s very true you can’t rush marriage, or commitment, for instance if you was to take a recipe see the ingredients, go against the process of putting each ingredient into order, and just throw everything together, and hope for the best simply because you have no time to prepare that meal, 10 times out of ten it’s going to taste bitter, and it won’t be satisfactory. And the same goes for love if you and your partner, don’t have time to grow to progress to get past obstacles, than the relationship will fail, if rushing into things to quickly happens. Patience is the key to a true relationship, and having patience is more easily said than done, and especially learning to not make your partner feel pressured to present you, with something they are just not yet ready for.

3 key steps to keeping the fairy tale, from fading in a relationship.

  1. Never say no to an adventure. Stepping out of your comfort zone is very important, never deny your partner the moment to try new things such as travel, getting out of your comfort zone and ultimately doing something exciting, and even if your partner doesn’t present you with any of this, it’s always good to plan time away with one another, staying in the same environment can cause the love to become stale, and dull over time and that’s not what you want, building memories is important.
  2. Don’t stay angry for long. Anger isn’t a good emotion to have when it comes to a relationship, it can spiritually and energetically, cause things to become rotten, holding grudges against the one you love, won’t accomplish anything. Even if they aren’t dropping there anger, it’s best to break that ice, and do something that will make theme smile and laugh, always be the water that puts the fire out, instead of the fuel that makes the fire strong, in other words if your partner meets you with negative present theme with positive.
  3. Always makes your partner feel special. Doing things to make your partner feel special is important, when someone feels loved and cared for there life is more brightened. Small gifts letters, and preparing a surprise for the one you love, is what can keep that flame alive, you don’t have to feel plagued with always having to do something over the top, not at all but writing a letter of your love and devotion, even making a gift from him, is something that shows thought and effort and is what will keep the spark going.

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