Love and Relationships and All Its Complexity…..

Love and relationship – we can’t live with it and can’t live without it, it’s everyone’s love hate topic. We love the feeling “love” can bring us and can also hate the feeling “love” brings us. I have to say in my opinion LOVE is the most complicated emotion in history. Love is confusing, hurting, and can make you feel sick…. But…when love is good. Oh how it’s good. It’s the best feeling in the world with love you can face anything that comes your way and defeat all your fears. Love is strong! But love isn’t just being in a romantic relationship. I do not have to be your spouse/partner to be able to love you. And this is where we often get confused. Love is in everyone and everything, every creature, plant and pebble. Love is this worlds fuel…. We have doctors because of some’s love for medicine, vets for some’s love of animals, food for some’s love of farming, so on and so forth. This is to help you understand why I say the worlds fuel is “Love”…….

Now that we have a better understanding on what love is. I’d like to talk about how we can repair our damaged relationships.

We have all been in this predicament at some point in our life. Where we loved someone so much but they did not love in return, or there was plenty of mutual love at the beginning but it slowly faded into pure nothingness. And the reason often for this is people grow and people change

What we once loved then we may not love now. I know that’s hard for some people but sadly it’s reality. The key here is to learn and heal from this, not to sulk in ones pain and sadness but to move forward in life. You have to learn when to stop trying, because this is something to always keep in mind “ we don’t hurt the people we love” we simply just don’t. When you love and care for someone hurting them should be the furthest from your mind. But also keep in mind people can change. So if they hurt you once give them a second chance but proceed with caution. The hard part is knowing when to keep trying and when to move on.

My best advice for you, is hear both sides of the stories as the other person has feelings just like you, if you can pin point the problem, assist the issue quickly and work on rebuilding, if you know you tried with all your heart and you took all actions based on pure love and not selfishness with no results then that’s your cue to move on. If may hurt now but keep in mind there are over 7 billion people in this world and counting. I can assure you someone else will come along and that pain will literally disappear. So weather you’re experiencing a break-up, divorce or simply taking a break keep moving forward because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Happiness, peace, and success all come from within so work on yourself, know your self worth! Build that confidence and I can assure you finding LOVE will be like tying your shoes, it takes some practice but once you get it right you are set for life!

I hope this helped shed some light on your situation?

Thank You for using My Tarot Advisor 🔮  Light & Light xoxo 😘  Miss Angie ❤

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