March Tarotscopes – In Like A Lion?

march tarotscopeThe month of March heralds in a new energy, mostly one of introspection and intuition rising. The energies with each eclipse increase our awareness of our own shadows and issues we need to confront. On a global level, the full moon on March 12th will be in Virgo, meaning all the little details and clues about ourselves are going to come to a head, on a personal and a national level. Take this as a sign to self reflect more on how you impact your environment, how what you think is what you receive back from your surroundings. If you expect enemies to be around every corner, you will see them. But if you find friends, the energy will reflect that back as well. Also think on what you can do to make small changes, personally, for bigger change in your overall life. Change on a grand scale starts on a personal one. Positive thinking, unconditional kindness, and self love are wonderful places to start.  ===>  Now, on to the tarotscopes for each sign. This reading was done with the deck, Tarot of a Moon Garden.

AriesWheel of Fortune Rx – Aries, though you may have been gung-ho to forge ahead this month, it looks like some unanticipated events will be slowing down your progress. Sometimes it’s our own fault, but in this case, it’s just bad luck. Take time to lick your wounds and grow stronger from this experience, and not let it destroy your goals.

TaurusThree of Pentacles- Your persistence to your trade, career, hobbies, or skills is going to be paying off this month. Those goals in your finances are coming to a head, and proving that your labors have not been unnoticed by the Universe. Relax and enjoy your time in the light and accomplishment.

Gemini – Three of Swords – This month will likely be showing some pain and disappointment in an area you had a lot of hope and heart invested in. The Twins this month will have to reflect more on where their intentions aren’t being well received and how to heal from this experience. The answer won’t be to do the same thing again, as you know now where that leads: heartache.

Cancer – Five of Cups – The Crab this month will also be looking more closely at their disappointments. Hold fast, even though disappointments have left you weary, there are better times ahead. There is loss here, but that doesn’t mean that this most consume you. Take your time looking in on why your feelings were so disrupted this month. Cancer has a lot of feelings to work through, after all, and that is where your power lies.

Leo – The Hermit – Even though you’re a sign of fire, this month it’s time to slow down. The fire you hold in your heart will light the way through these darker times, and hiding from others might be what you need right now. It’s ok to allow yourself that solitude until you feel that lion in your roaring again. Rest when it’s needed, to save your strength for another day.

Virgo – Queen of Cups Rx – Where you could be spreading love and understanding, your perceptive nature has you critical of the ones you love instead. While it can be good to offer truth now and then, make sure you’re doing it with kindness and not bitterness. Do you need change? Don’t externalize that pain onto others, look inside and find out what REALLY is bothering you, and what the root of the issue is.

Libra – King of Cups Rx – Where you seek and desire balance, you’re finding only imbalance this month. Remember to maintain responsibility over your own actions and feelings. If there’s someone in your life who’s not aligning with you, it might be time to take steps backwards, instead of showing them a side of you that isn’t true to your inner self.

Scorpio – The Empress – This month will be becoming more in touch with the feminine side for Scorpio.This would mean providing support to yourself and others, as well as motivating them. Navigating the processes of life, instead of cutting through and clearing the way like the masculine side. Tap in to where you can flourish that nurturing side of yourself. You’ll discover how rewarding it really is.

Sagittarius – Temperance – Patience is key this month. You’ll need to add in every part of yourself equally, “just so”, in order to accomplish your goals. Now isn’t the time to fire ahead, but to slow down and really consider the process. Stay the course and find balance with all your aspects.

Capricorn – Strength – Although many others may be having a more introspective time this month, the goat will be happy to know that your inner development has built the foundations to help guide others right now. Use your inner guidance and ability to shine that wisdom you already know is within you.

Aquarius – The Chariot – You’re navigating rough waters right now, but you’ve got this, Aquarius. You’re in balance and harmony, and though the state of your environment threatens to tear you in different directions, it’s knowing that you’ve got the reigns in your own life, that you’re in control, that will allow you safe passage right now.

Pisces – Knight of Cups – New opportunities in the area of your desires is coming. What you seek is also seeking you right now, and it’s tantalizingly close. Will you accept the offer this month, or rather keep things the same? Expect advancements in where you’re focus is right now.

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