Meet Ashley, this weekend’s Featured Tarot Advisor

At My Tarot Advisor, we have many talented and professional Tarot readers who are also psychics, clairvoyants and astrologers. This week’s featured advisor is Ashley.

smaller ashley 2 MTA“I am a younger psychic medium but do not like that deter you. I am very professional. I have had my abilities since I can remember. However, as a teen, I blocked them out and started to redevelop them again last year and have been in full bloom. In using the Tarot and Oracle, it was a way to gather more information accurately with my readings in case a connection was not as strong. My mentors have taught me how to better assess my abilities and use them respectfully, and to utilize the tools of tarot!” Ashley’s other gifts are psychic mediumship and healing. She is able to heal others based on their energy in a physical and emotional state with the use of crystals and herbs as well. She can communicate with past loved ones, Angels, beloved pets and connect to future outcomes based on the current situation. She also provides pendulum and Oracle readings.

When Ashley was asked about her tarot cards and her style of reading she says, “The most interesting thing about my cards is that they are brutally honest. If you’re kidding yourself and they will tell you. One time there is a reader who believed she was very good at what she did however she only based the reading on the description she didn’t interpret them. so when I read her, my cards said that she was kidding herself if she was lying and she was taking shortcuts. She needed to go back to square one and she wasn’t doing what she thought she was doing correctly. She was fooling others.” Ashley goes on to explain about another situation. “One reading I did showed cheating in a relationship that the woman admitted was happening but never told me. One of my most common clients asks me for readings over one guy in particular and never shows the result she wants. My cards do what they want to show and are brutal if they need to be to get the point across. “

Ashley has done research on Tarot and since started practicing she has been able to become very accurate and feel very connected with this art. “I have received training from many different readers on Tarot. You will get as much information as I can provide. I do whatever spread is requested. And time frames; I can use the cards to gather more details. I am very flexible but very to the point with all my readings. If you ask me a question, I will provide as much as I can.”

Ashley enjoys visiting haunted places and sights and really likes to see what spirits are there to whom she can connect to. She also likes watching paranormal movies just to see how sensationalized they are. She has a “familiar” which is a pet bunny. She lives in Kentucky and is in college. She plans to go to graduate school afterwards. Ashley has been compared to Sylvia Browne in the past. She likes to play around with herbs and crystals to see what helps the most and she makes gifts for her friends with them if they are interested. Ashley loves antiques and little quirky shops that sell crystals, charms from other countries, incense, and etc. She is a huge traveling fan and loves to learn about cultures.

Ashley is available now on My Tarot Advisor and can help shed light into your situation by providing a tarot reading for you today. She is also one of our Featured Tarot of the Day advisors.

4 thoughts on “Meet Ashley, this weekend’s Featured Tarot Advisor”

  1. Nice to meet you and I would love to know about my mother who passed on, I had a dream about her and In that dream I wanted to move her from the swamp and buy a solid land for her to move. please help me, I need so many answers.

    1. Hi Sonie!
      Thank you for posting about your dream you had. You can check in with Ashley inapp and let her know about the dream you had and she can provide you with some tarot insights about the dream along with some intuitive guidance about what it all means! She is available daily! Thanks for using My Tarot Advisor!

  2. Hello, I lost my husband a year and a half ago. I have since remarried I’m looking to see if this marriage will last or did I remarry on the rebound.

    1. Hi Lorna, I am sorry to hear that you lost your husband, but its good that you have moved forward in life. You can check in with Ashley inapp and let her know about the situation and she can provide you with some tarot insights about future of your relationship! She is available daily! Thanks for using My Tarot Advisor!

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