Meet Cortney, one of My Tarot Advisors Professional Readers!

new cortney mta june 25Cortney has been reading tarot professionally for 7 years and she was born with many psychic gifts. Her strongest gift is that of Clairsentience. She can pick up on people right away. She also is very in tune with spirit and deceased loved ones. As an empath her abilities are amplified and emotions felt from her clients or the spirit/deceased around her can be overwhelming.  “My interest in Tarot was there from very early on. In my early teens I started looking into different types of divination and becoming more curious of the spiritual world. I did not get my first deck until later on in adulthood. My abilities had always been with me but I just did not recognize them until I was in my 20’s.”  Cortney tells us about when she first realized this was a path she wanted to pursue.  “I just assumed that is how everyone experienced the world. I thought everyone could see or feel spirits and could read other people the way I could. Over time I learned that it is actually not the norm and that very few people see the world around them in the same way that I did. What made me decide to actually start reading Tarot is when I was getting a reading myself at a local Psychic shop. The reader looked at me and asked my why I was not using my abilities and told me that I should be doing what she is doing. I decided to buy a deck on my way out and I have been reading ever since“.  Her family however does not look favorably upon Tarot. “My friends love what I do. Most of them come to me often for readings and insight. My family on the other hand feels a little differently about it. I was raised in a very religious family. Pentecostal Christians. Most of them do not approve of what I do and view it as dabbling with dark forces. I however know this is NOT the case and my gifts are given to me by God or whatever higher power is out there. “

Cortney has taken many classes on many different forms of readings. From Tarot to psychometry, scrying, charm readings, animal totems and many more. Tarot still remains her “go to” tool for giving the best and most accurate readings and her passion for it only gets stronger as the years go by. “My readings have helped me be a better person. I feel more connected with so many people from all walks of life that had I not taken up reading I would never have got to know them. People share very intimate details of their lives with me and trust me with this information and to give them honest and good advice. This is a huge responsibility and a wonderful honor to have.”

Cortney says she was given these gifts for a reason. “It is clear I was put here to help and to heal people. This is what I was born to do and where I shine. I have done many other lines of work over the years. Nothing has ever made me feel as happy or complete as using my gifts to help others in need.”

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