Meet Josephine, This Weeks Featured Advisor


Josephine is an empathic clairvoyant reader, so she naturally picks up on energies while tuning in and also vocal vibrations. However she has worked with many other tools and instruments such as: angelic stones, chakra crystals, soul-mate charts, runes, etc. But the beautiful thing about tarot as that it is a universal tool! Meaning it can tap into any situation as she tells us “I always feel accomplished when I can bring clarity to somebody and help get them through a difficult time.”

“I love helping people. Regardless the situation or question I feel motivated when I can use my abilities to shed some light. My reading style is definitely straight forward and honest, but I believe it is always important to be compassionate when delivering the news to any individual.  I am here to guide people in an honest light. I specialize in helping people find their ways through all obstacles of life, especially soul-mate connections, love, career & financial concerns.” Josephine does provide time frames because it is important to know what to expect and when to expect it.

Josephine tells us, “when I was 7 I started receiving messages, visions, and dreams, etc. That would soon come to play. Being a child it can be frightening having these types of abilities however thankfully my beautiful aunt Kerry, had this same gift as well. So since I was young Kerry taught not only how to use my abilities but how to use them for a good purpose.”

Josephine has previously taught classes and seminars working with people who have similar abilities to hers, teaching them how to open them and use them in a positive light.

Here are some of her recent ratings and reviews and you can watch her introduction video!


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