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1. What OTHER kinds of gifts and abilities do you have? (other than tarot reading)  I’m a Tarot and Lenormand reader and mentor, I also use pendulums and oracles and I’m a claircognizant although it comes when it comes. To some extent, I have a connection to the other side, although I don’t see myself as a medium. I’m able to perceive when there’s a visitor, particularly when it is someone I have met in life or an entity I have worked with.

2. When did your desire to read the Tarot and your abilities first appear, at what age and how did you work with it? Did anyone mentor or teach you? I started reading Tarot when I was 14, thanks to an older friend thanks to whom I learnt that Tarot was not dangerous or evil and who encouraged me to get my first deck of cards. I have never stopped reading ever since! However; this was not my first experience with divination, for my father bought me a pendulum when I was 13 and then I started to experiment with energies, dowsing and predictions. I’m mostly self-taught although I have taken some webinars and courses to specialize in things I am particularly interested in.

3. Have you had any formal training, certifications etc. to enhance your tarot abilities?  As stated above, I have taken some courses or webinars to enhance or study particular aspects of Tarot and divination. The latest was this summer at the online school Tarot Summer School, where I took a course on Psychic Tarot that was great to learn more about how to combine psychic skills with Tarot reading. I have been reading for

4. What do your family and friends think of you reading Tarot?  I’m very fortunate with this. They do support me 100% and this makes me really happy! My family has always been wonderful about it and so have my friends, even if some of them are skeptics. Actually, one of the most beautiful things I’ve been told by a friends was something along the lines of “I don’t really believe in any of this, but I believe in you so if you do it, then there must be some truth to it.”  My partner is entirely amazing about this whole thing and I love him so very much for it. He has been my number 1 supporter with making a career out of this, and well… He buys me decks, so what else can I ask for?  To be completely honest, I’ve been the one who has been the worst about it. It took me a while to say without shame what I do for a living!

5. How have your readings helped you to be a better person?  I don’t know if my readings make me a better person, but they do definitely make me a happier person. As Oscar Wilde said, “A good man is not necessarily a happy man, but a happy man is always good.”  Since I love so much what I do, I think that it helps me give a lot. I’m not sure it counts as being a better person, though, because it’s not that I do it out of the goodness of my heart but because of the passion I feel for it.

6. What is your intention and motivation for doing this kind of work?  It makes me happy, it makes me vibe, it makes me want to work. My motivation is that I am motivated by it! I do not ever get tired of doing what I do and it makes me happy every day. To be entirely honest, and while I know that it allows me to help out a lot of people and bring clarity to their lives, I mainly do it because I want to feel what I feel when I read.

7. What are some of the things that you have experienced with your tarot cards and in private readings? The most interesting experience?  Well, there are two kind of readings that can be great for me: The ones that go great, for they make me happy that I have helped someone find their way in a moment of confusion, give me confidence, and make me feel that I’m where I’m meant to be. And the other kind: The catastrophic readings. Why the catastrophic readings? Well, what I call a catastrophic reading is not what happens when a client doesn’t like what they hear, what I’m speaking about is those times when, genuinely, the psychic Wi-Fi is nowhere to be found. This sort of reading can be really interesting, and let me elaborate on why. What experience has taught me is that the answer is always in the cards, and it’s the interpretation that sometimes goes south. And every time s*** happens, I get better at what I do. First of all, it’s a reminder that I’m not perfect, and this helps me look beyond, want to grow as a reader and always be open to learn more. Second, this helps me see the cards under different lights. After a “catastrophic” reading, I always take note of the cards pulled, as well as the question and context. Whenever I get the chance to learn what actually happened and look at the cards I pulled for it, I often facepalm really hard and I feel like “Oh dear! How didn’t I see THIS!” About an interesting experience… Well, I have many interesting experiences in one way or another. What I really enjoy is when I have one of those readings that go very, very in depth and turn out to be life-changing for the querent. A very beautiful connection is formed in these situations and it is really motivational and fulfilling for both me and my client.

8. What can people expect from a Tarot reading with you? Do you do a particular spread or do you provide time frames?  My readings are a blend of analysis and prediction. In order to make the most out of my client’s time I like to have some background, particularly in a reading that goes by the minute. It is really important to me to analyze the past and the present of the situation in order to pick up on the root causes of the issues that my clients are experiencing and the opportunities that might be hidden to their eye! And I want to provide that without wasting any more time than necessary! When time allows, I like to create custom readings that are specific for each client’s situation in order to give them more of what they need, but when I’m on the go, I usually go with a 3 or 9 card spread that gives me some hints on the situation.  My readings also offer prediction and time-frames, although my timing comes mostly in seasons. My timing method has proven to be pretty accurate, but it is not as exact as “On March 16th” or “Next Thursday”. I can pick up on whether an event is going to take long to resolve or if it’s going to be cleared in a matter of days or weeks, and for long term predictions I usually see seasons!  About the matters I read about, I feel that it’s our responsibility to answer any concern that our clients may have in a non-judgmental way, but I don’t do health diagnosis including pregnancy or financial advice.  One of my specialties though is grief. This is a matter very close to my heart and I love to help others go through the most difficult times in a compassive manner.

9. Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or your gifts?  I am Spanish, born, raised and living! Besides being a Tarot reader, I’m pretty much your neighbourhood-friendly-crazy-cat-lady! I live with my wonderful and very supportive partner and our two kitties. I’m a lover of good food, better wine, travel and literature! My favourite authors include Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen. I have more lipstick bars than I can count, and I have more Tarot decks than lipstick bars. I adore grandmother-ish flowery patterns! I consider myself very practical though optimistic, I believe in made-above connections but I don’t entirely buy the soulmate thing and I swear like a sailor!

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