Mental Alchemy and Manifestation

What is Alchemy? – Alchemy is the art of transformation.  Plain and simple it is transforming one thing into another.
What is Mental Alchemy? – Mental Alchemy is the art of turning negative thought processes into positive thought processes.  This process changes your beliefs significantly over time to bring about the positive manifestations through the energy of our thinking.
When we hear the term Alchemy we often attribute it to the old images of turning lead into gold. What we don’t realize is that we are doing mental and spiritual alchemy every day to manifest the things or to block manifestations in our lives that we desire.  Now, how can we really tap into this and recognize our power and the abilities we have to turn our lives into the manifestation of our dreams.  How do we take hold of that power and channel it to our highest good?
When we are talking about mental and spiritual alchemy we are talking about transformation.  Transforming one mindset into another. A negative into a positive.  Say for instance you have the belief that you don’t deserve abundance, you hold a mindset of lacking what you need.  What we need to do is take this mindset and transmute that, (or transform it), into not only the belief that we do deserve abundance but the knowing within, that we already have it.
When we live in the mindset of say poverty, we attract that energy and we bring more poverty and hardships to ourselves.  When we change or transmute that mindset to a mindset of having abundance, we attract exactly that.
Take a moment and sit quietly and think about something that you struggle with.  Something you want to change about your life for the better.  Notice your emotions around that.  Write these emotions on a piece of paper, the thoughts about this that you are feeling that are negative.
Now put that paper aside and on a new piece of paper write down everything that you believe that you would feel if you had what you wanted.  How would it make you feel?  What would your life be like?  Sit in those emotions and thoughts, allow yourself to truly feel those emotions and visualize the successes.
Now go back to that piece of paper that you wrote the negative limiting beliefs on and see how that small time visualizing and feeling the success has changed your emotions about the negative aspects.  This is transmutation. This is turning led (your negative beliefs) into gold (your success).
Any time that you feel that these emotions are coming up, do this exercise and transmute those limiting beliefs.  The more you are able to do this the easier it will be to manifest the life you want.
If you have any questions about your situation and how to change the thinking and beliefs around them into energy that will help you manifest send me a message and we will work through it together!  ~Jasmine

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