Mercury is Direct: Let’s Focus on Communication

Communication is so essential to human existence. It’s what helps us convey our feelings not only to ourselves but to others. It carries with it the power to build or to destroy. Mercury Retrograde’s period is now passing, a lot of you out there are going to be left with the challenges of correcting any miscommunications and misunderstandings now, and some will have to adjust their dialogue with self, but first let’s talk about the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is our power house of communication. It where we speak truthfully and express our thoughts and feelings and how we share with the world. It’s our one and only voice! The throat chakra is very closely related to the swords suit in tarot. A symbol for communication, intelligence/your mental state, self express and how it is a double sided sword. It can be a tricky chakra to keep into balance, trust me I know! I have struggled with this chakra my whole life. I never felt comfortable speaking up for myself or saying how I really felt because every time I did, it always felt like no one understood me. This was difficult because when we don’t speak up for ourselves, we don’t assert our boundaries. When we don’t assert our boundaries, people cross them. When people cross them too far what happens? We get angry we explode and say things like ” how dare you” or may say things we don’t always mean. This is anger from lack of assertion with your voice, feelings and thought. Anger comes in to assert the boundaries we failed to do so.

Some things that have helped me to bring balance to my chakra and helped me reclaim my voice- Arch Angel Michael one night had said to me “Ask for the truth of yourself first before you ask it of another”
I had to first be truthful with myself as to why I was feeling the way I was and then I had to practice physically voicing such. So I would tell myself ” I feel this way because I feel no one will listen to me if I speak, but I feel that way because that’s how it was in the past and the past is no more”

Blue is a color associated with the throat chakra so to aid in my rebalancing of this chakra, I would wear blue and I would eat blue foods like blue berries. My favorite and easy method for clearing energy from the throat chakra was mantras and affirmations. My personal favorite is ” The world wants to hear what I have to say” this would trigger a yawn which helps push out stale or blocked energy.

For those coming out of a rough Mercury Retrograde, repairing miscommunications can be tough. The best method is to sit and think on why things went the way they did. Mercury, as I mentioned in my previous article, is an influencer and we have the power and all the say. It merely influences things to happen or come up for re evaluation. So, there is a reason why things happened. Do you maybe consistently have issues speaking up for yourself, or do you struggle with over communicating and coming across different than you were trying to? This is where the root is. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself why. It’s okay to make mistakes. My communication skills used to be horrible but with work and honest conversations with my self I was able to repair that. Once you have the root down, look to see how you can improve it. Sometimes all it takes is practice. Practice saying how you feel in a mirror then try speaking it to another person. It’s really rough in the beginning but once you start to make progress all the rest is easy.

Our voices are like swords, the van protect or they can damage. Always take time to think through what you say and always be sure to speak your truths. ~Jade

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