Mercury Goes Direct – December 6th

Mercury has stationed direct, it will need a few days to regulate into orbit and then we can begin tapping into all its effects. Mercury hasn’t had time yet for us to fully benefit from it however. Like all good things that will come in time. A person may begin to feel like their thoughts are more individual and less hazy, like a cloud has been lifted. Especially any issues you may have been going through during Mercury’s retrograde. These thoughts and inner turmoils will dissipate in the coming weeks. Mercury also is in domain over commerce and communication, so get those thinking caps on and get investing! And if you have a special someone or love interest now’s the perfect time to have a one on one conversation. Get ready to have a open and clear mind in the coming weeks. You’ll be able to think unhindered by random thoughts and distractions. But in this way we also open ourselves up to over thinking or focusing on the negative for days on end. Keep your wits about you and use this clarity to make plans and decisions for the future.

Here are a few things to do, now that the planet of communication, technology and transportation is moving along at a brisk forward clip once again. But still, go on and liberate yourself from these retrograde burdens. Maybe like this:

1. Upgrade your mobile technology.

2. Go somewhere and leave the house. In a vehicle. On a bike. By plane. If it has wheels, you can ride it now.

3. Keep it real. Tell your friend in the most loving and honest way, that you really, really dislike their haircut, gum snapping, heavy breathing, interrupting, or whatever [insert obnoxious habit here]. Breathe a sigh of relief when they FINALLY get it.

4. Sign your name – its okay to do so now. Some of the contracts, leases, deals and whatnot that get inked during Mercury retrograde can turn out to be seriously flawed down the line, unless you really, REALLY read the fine print. But you can sign on that dotted line now and get the show on the road.

5. Get creative: find a new excuse for screwing up. The delayed train and traffic gridlock has no ready source of blame. You were late. You dropped your phone in the toilet. And now you can’t pin it on the planets. Damn, damn, DAMN. “Mercury is retrograde” won’t cut it anymore.

But really, thank heavens it is direct again. Until we meet again oh Mercury retrograde. Happy Holidays!   ~Kitty

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