Mercury Is Direct!

Mercury retrograde will come to a close on November 20th. People familiar with this cycle will be pleased to hear that the retrograde is finally over, as it can bring challenges to communication, as well as issues with electronic devices, travel, and a general feeling of confusion in our lives. What many people do not realize is that there is something called a “shadow period” that surrounds the Mercury retrograde period. This shadow period will last until December 10th, when Mercury stations direct again. While this time frame will not be as intense as a full on Mercury retrograde, we will still be feeling some of the effects.This is a perfect time to deal with any nagging issues from the past that need to handled. Tie up any lose ends regarding travel plans, (double check your schedule), and spend some time cord cutting or releasing any toxic people or situations from our lives. It can be a very healing and productive time to bring past issues to a close, in order to begin a new cycle where we can manifest new and rewarding experiences into our lives.

Blessings, Melinda

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