Moving Towards Stability

Stability; a feeling we all yearn for in our lives. Yet, how easy is it for us to
grasp hold of though?

For starters, in order to move toward this stability that we yearn for, we must be able to trust ourselves that we deserve it. It sounds simple, yet we seldom realize this may be the defining moment that pushes us toward situations we wish to avoid in the first place. Perhaps, this is a question that we may ask ourselves frequently, yet we do not realize this one question leads to multiple answers.

Let’s ask ourselves some questions that may help us take a look at our
What are we doing when life forces us against obstacles we have not
How do we deal with life’s challenges in a positive way?
How are we creating the stability we may be searching for externally?
What are the signs?
Many questions, with a truth that means we search for stability because we feel it will gift us a form of purpose. Ultimately, we must understand that purpose can be found when we are seeking new opportunities to find ways that give us this feeling of stability. We know how life works, and we know all of its challenges, so it’s our choice how we gain control of our reactions to them.

How do we work with these winds of change instead of creating friction
against them?
In the times we may feel rejected, or the moments that we have felt deep
pain but we know that we will always have ourselves to lift us out of that
dark space. We know our strength. We know our worth. Yet, often stay
inside the grip of our own hands rather than another’s, therefore we must
be able to trust ourselves.

Putting our happiness on hold until what we think will give us dopamine increase will only be detrimental to our wellbeing.

How often are we waiting for that fix to find ourselves in the pursuit of
happiness over stability?

Are we in the pursuit of seeking happiness for ourselves rather than

If we wish to know true spirituality; what leads us to the intuitive development we seek, then let us be fully present with the lives we are in currently. Let us stop seeking for the next partner. Let us stop escaping from what hurts by trying to find healing through the partnership with someone new. We are merely losing ourselves in the momentum of our very own escapism rather than understanding what we truly wish is stable
within ourselves.

We are all equipped with an authentic power inside of us that is only found when we learn to build a foundation of freedom within ourselves. When we learn not to rely on another for stability and look within ourselves. This is not a quick solution. We learn not to depend on the urge to rescue anyone else around us. No longer does one need to look for those that need fixing, this is true transformation No longer do we have to cling to those that are already on their individual path, and we find acceptance that it is not our responsibility to shift this.

We are here to experience growth, not stagnancy by repeating out patterns of self-sabotaging behavior. We only need to understand that it is hindering both those around us and our own growth by trying to save them. The stability is found in the acceptance that surrendering to the universal truth that we cannot fix anyone, change anyone or find what it is we are seeking within ourselves, within them.

The great resentment that surfaces within us when we expect another
person to not gift us the balance that we seek within. We must learn to
understand that only we can create the stability we seek and only those
that authentically understand the action of surrendering to this, can
discover it.

How are you looking to find balance in your life?

What relationships be it platonic, nonplatonic or work life, are guiding you towards freedom?

What are you actively doing with yourself to find balance in your life?

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