Need Morning Motivation? Try These Tips!

Three ways to get motivated in the morning while ditching anxiety and depression.  Even in the most rushed mornings or days these simple steps can give you a sense of grounding and refreshing energy.
  • Sight. 5 things you see when you first wake up. A poster/picture, your kitchen, the wind blowing thru the trees thru a window
  • Hearing. 5 things you hear. your alarm, The coffee maker, the birds in the morning, etc
  • Taste. 5 things you taste. Your water, your toothpaste, the sun ( yes. the sun has taste stick your tongue out and gap some rays, the rain does too), etc.
  • Smell. 5 things you smell, Your coffee, the air, your perfume/cologne, the air, your shoes, etc
  • Touch. 5 things you feel externally. The warmth/cold, your clothes, a breeze, the sun/rain, etc
Drink a cup when you wake . Drink another glass before shower/bath, in the afternoon and before you go to sleep at night. Water is essential to healthy choices and brain function as well as this technique keeps your vital organs awake and moving properly. Stay healthy by choosing water over energy drinks, coffee or soda. and FEEL the difference it makes!
Whenever you feel anxious, down or just need a mental break. Go outside. You can do exercise A, or just look around and notice what is going on around you. Most importantly BREATH.
Lets CHAT. I am usually on throughout the day, and if I am not on you can always ask for a video reading, and I will show you your cards and answer your question.

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