Neptune Placement In Your Chart

In your astrology chart everyone has a placement with Neptune. If you have not had your astrology chart read I actually love to do astrology chart readings. In fact I am getting to a point where now I do it and I do Look at the placement of Neptune and I do analysis for my client.  Neptune shows you and tells you messages through your dreams. He does it in a language and he does it in the sign that Neptune is in. 

Whenever I do readings for dream interpretation and chart readings for my clients and they have issues manifesting their dreams into reality and how are they just are having weird dreams and they don’t understand why. This planet tells me exactly what is going on. Neptune is very specific to the person that is inquiring about their dreams because nobody dreams or like.  the dream world is specific to the soul so this is where I love to talk to Sun signs about their natal Neptune because it’s a reveal so much to them about what they need to understand about what their 5D self in the subconscious realm . Also in the dream world and what it is trying to tell them with the will help and work of Neptune.

Luna is available at Psychic Vision and Psychictxt Daily. Check in with her for more insight on Neptune in your personal chart

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