It’s The New Moon – October 19th

The new moon comes with new beginnings as we enter autumn/fall , shifting of light, power and the plants!  Have you ever wondered why is there a new moon? Some think it’s eclipse of the sun…. some might say it’s a energy blast, but it’s also a very special time of spiritual energy beginning’s and changes especially with this new moon right now as we just begun the new season we are walking into the last three months of the year,  which means beginnings and positive energy! Why not take it advantage of it too !??!  This new moon can bring you positive light and shine with the solar system and we’re talking about Jupiter Pluto on Venus. And can bring you better look through love family and even finances. This new moon means the orbit is not seen …The sun and the moon will cross pass. Which will have a great energy and be shining out the brightness and the strength. The moon is so powerful it is responsible to move the ocean and helps to planet to Grow… but us as humans also are affected so why not take your place and help with the energy of the atmosphere and spiritually understand it more!  As people start to come together, it will make a difference in understanding the physical spiritual and also emotional part of the changes that will become of this new moon.  

As predicted in the angel oracle cards this new moon will help over 95% of the world become more stronger in achieving your goals for the new year of 2018! The strongest part of the new moon is the first nine hours. As the highest point of energy in the atmosphere will be shining and connecting with the chakras of Human body. With this being a special time of the year not only of the beginning’s but inspiration time to your self so don’t miss out. 

So what should you do to get into tune with the new moon. 

Clearing : letting go of depression anxiety and blockages  

Act on it : make goals get into tune get ready for changes. 

Spiritually connect : Connect with the elements of the water, air, earth and fire  

Meditate : whether you have time to go outside and soak up some of the light from the moon or you can sit down and listen to some music try to get into tune with the moon 

( stars will also be bright ) 

Claim it ; I don’t sit there and wish but become it feel it understand it thinking positive will bring positive especially with this new moon  this is your time to shine bright !!! 

The new moon is a perfect time for fresh starts so I hope you will take advantage.  To grow with the new beginning’s and get ready for the new year this is such a spiritual time connecting with the energy in the atmosphere an angel oracle cards altogether would be lovely and exciting!! 

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