New Year New Hopes



TITLE OVER: December 31, 2020 at 11:30 PM

SHE walks clockwise in the room, stopping at each candle in each corner to light them after a quick prayer.

After the last candle is lit, She sits back in front of her altar.


              (rings a high bell)

          The circle has been cast.    

Setting the bell down on the altar, she grabs her pen and writes down her goals for this coming year that she wants to see happen. She closes the journal as she pens the last one.


          May all living things be blessed

          throughout this upcoming year. Let

          us not forget the changes that came

          into our lives as the years came and

          went. Remember those whom

          we still love dearly. The ones whom

          gave us their knowledge and lead the

          way for us to grow and become our best.

          May we continue to grow throughout this

          upcoming year.

She grabs the cakes and fruit juice – quietly blessing them before setting them back down on the altar. She grabs her crystal ball and settles into her meditative posture.

After the meditation feels done, she walks counterclockwise while stopping at each candle for a silent prayer.


          The circle is now open.


Hi there!  I chose to do this as more of a traditional movie script format to give it more life, since this ritual is close to what I grew up for New Years Eve once I was old enough to make a decision about which religious path that I wanted to go into.  For safety reasons, I chose not to film this to prevent any mishaps with both of my cats since curious cats often get into more than they should from time to time.

We are still in the year of the Metal Rat until sometime in February, so that will be carrying over until the Tibetan New Year occurs. The lunar energies of the year will still continue past our New Year’s Day, so keep that in mind.

While I feel that this year is one of great courage, inner strength, and resolve – there will be some good that will come from the transformation and changes. It will be a bit of a mixed bag due to the way that 2020 had been, so those effects will still be felt. Progress along the way may be a bit on the slower side until close to Spring time, so plan ahead for some delays.

From the Tarot, this is also coming up as a bit of a mixed bag. In the past, it was a waiting game to see where the tides were going. Currently, this is being careful and trying to make sure that you have all the details correct, along with the correct course of action. It is a slight warning not to be indecisive during this time because indecision is still a choice. The unseen side of this is being afraid to shine and be yourself out of fear. Overcoming fear is a bit of a theme of this upcoming year. The advice being given is indicating a need to re-evaluate your direction as you go and see if it is what you really want. It indicates travel delays, especially with the social distancing still being in effect. The final card is giving another warning of not letting your emotions overtake your sense of logic as you navigate this year. The phrase “rocky waters” comes to mind with this. The more you can balance your mind and your heart equally, the less rough this will be. Keep in mind that this can change over time and hoping for the best, while working towards it just like driving a car with “where the rubber meets the road” is needed to improve this year.

Some of the things to plan for in 2021:

  • If you’ve been meaning to reconnect with family members, this would be a good idea as rebuilding social networks may be helpful and slowly resolve past issues.
  • Look for the bigger picture in your goals, while still balancing out the smaller details. This level of mastery will help bring some of the goals you want into light.
  • In most problem-solving, there is usually a middle ground between both parties. Finding the middle ground can often diffuse any minor differences, so keep this in mind if something feels a bit out of hand over something trivial.
  • Try to pick up an old-fashioned skill that connects you to your older relatives – feeling connected to something meaningful can add some calm during the ongoing storms.
  • If you’ve been worrying about your self-confidence, now is the perfect time to find ways to boost it subtly, whether that means a new outfit or learning something new that you’ve always been wanting to learn.
  • This year also has a bit of a balancing act energy going on under the surface, so keeping an open-minded perspective can help too.

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