New Year or Same Routine?!

Welcome as we come to the new year.  We only didn’t walk in to the new year but the universe gave us a new week new month and a fresh start not to say also our new moon! This year is a very special and strong position a year. Are you curious to see what is going to happen? What does 2018 have in store for you?! 2018 is the year of the dog which is very strong because also is the element of the earth this year! Which is a wonderful thing because that means our planets will be more position and luck will be shining on our side!! Good to hear right ? This may be your year for love a change of a relationship finding your soulmate finally that step into marriage! Also your luck could even be in that new job a promotion or financially reaching your goal! This even could step into increasing family building family is pregnancy nearby!? There are so many things that’s up coming in this year a few of the cards I pulled up the queen of pentacles knight of swords and king of cups which definitely is very royal energy ! Be positive do not turn your head into the pass because this year is going to have a ride you will not forget. Your zodiac sign of dog of 2018 is also known to be changes of good health. Stopping bad habits is something that will be much easier are you looking to stop smoking drinking or any type of bad habits? And of course no fingers pointed but try your best cause energy is on your side …  are you looking forward to February 16th ? Got any plans ?… didn’t get a chance to celebrate New Year’s eve on the 31st? Will you have another chance on February 16 as it is the Chinese new year ahead and added another wonderful energy on unfolding and beginning a new start. Over 80 percent of the worlds energy will be turning around for the best. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. There’s also equals to be a year of letting go of loneliness or harmful energy. So if you had any type of anxious stress depression , good news it’s gonna be away soon !!! As we walk into spring it’s going to be a wonderful beginning as the earth is the element that means take a chance to focus on your planets Jupiter Pluto and Venus are always some of the strongest planet to focus on for the new year focusing them in the position will always give you your luck your strength and the atmosphere that you desire!  Don’t give up 2018 just begun !  2018 also is a new step on coming closer to others have you been thinking about a furry friend?! Not sure if you was ready take the step getting a new fun  friend is something that will help you and others to share life and bring the joy.

Happy New Years and hope to chat soon ~ Psychic Nina


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