Nine of lotuses- Dreams are Turning into Reality

The ‘tatva’ the element of 9 of lotuses card is water, it is completely solely about emotions, feelings, about dreams,  desires and it also represents the spiritual energy, the fulfillment of desire. It is holding the power of mars because it is a number 9 and number 9 represents Mars in numerology, so this card also show that your own efforts your own power your own desire is working. Your efforts are the reason of your success in your relationship, in your love matters and surety of fulfillment of your all desire, whether its love or marriage or engagement anything related with heart, any question related with heart and if this card pops up, then it confirms that you are going to get everything as you desire. Success manifestation of your true desire it also indicates, health is going to improve. And in general, things will come out in a way that you will get appreciation and social acceptance. You will be taken as someone ideal. Regarding starting some venture, then also this card shows that creative energy is present in it and it will bring quick money and materialistic success. The straight card is just like confirmation of getting everything every happiness like sitting on a rainbow.

And if you got the answer in the form of reverse 9 of lotuses is card then it means things are not taken seriously and lack of courage and stagnation in the relationship . The reverse card shows the delay in getting success and lack of energy to work out things as you want, but in totality.
And in general, this card is positive and it confirms the presence of emotional matters. This card also gives the warning that be careful what you wish, you might get it, instead what is benevolent for you and what you really need.
So this single card has so many meanings on different questions, but one thing is definite that emotions, courage ..means moon and Mars are together and things are going to touch the inner soul, the inner core of heart. 

Anamika Jain…..

Anamika is an experienced Reader with Psychic Vision.
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