November 2018 TarotScopes

Aries Ten of Pentacles – As we enter Scorpio season at the end of October, you’ll notice that much of what you didnt need is being cut away from your life. With this freedom, you have more time to focus on what you truly desire to accomplish…your legacy, your family, and bringing together all that you’ve sought to achieve. Though losing aspects of your life can be painful, fix your eyes instead on what all this is leading up towards, especially in the material departments, such as job and home assets.

TaurusThe Magician – Right now it may feel like you’re life has been a little topsy turvy, but the month of November will bring power and destiny into your hands. It will be up to you to take your lessons from life and mold it into something you enjoy, even if the world doesn’t always cooperate. Know that you have the ability to manifest what it is you want; the cards are in your favor this month.

GeminiTen of Wands Rx – November may have you dropping the ball on a lot of what you felt you had in your control, Gemini. Remember that you dont have to carry it all all the time, trust some responsibilities to those around you, and delegate some of your burdens to others. Do whatever you can to lighten your load, even if that means connecting with some trusted friends and family on a deeper level. Vulnerability doesnt have to mean weakness!

CancerNine of Swords Rx – Scorpio season can be a friend to the crab sign, when emotions run high and passions run higher. However, be careful that you’re not letting these waters sweep you away with the current! Watch where you’re getting worked up over nothing, or not having enough objectivity to keep yourself in balance. It’s ok to have emotions, even strong ones, but if you let them run buck-wild, they’ll take you into a darker place of negativity.

LeoThe Lovers – This month looks in favor of the lion sign, though not in an active sort of way. The water of Scorpio will douse a lot of your motivation. However, this opens up an opportunity to connect with others, especially with holidays around the corner. Let friends, lovers, and even acquaintances, fill your home and newsfeed with their thoughts and friendliness. It’s not often you get to connect so deeply with your “lions pride”.

VirgoStrength – Virgos will find themselves empowered during this time. As the seasons change, it will have you drawing more inwards into your places of comfort, be that the home or gardens or forests. When in your places of power, you can draw from it’s strength. For some, this may be their kitchen; for others this could be a quiet bench by a lake. Regardless, all the strength you need comes from within and a place of connection with your surroundings.

Libra King of Cups Rx – You may feel like you have your emotions balanced, and often feel you are beyond the woes that often plague more mutable signs. But despite the fairness of Libra, the chaotic energy of Scorpio will leave you feeling manipulated, moody and dissatisfied. Know that this is a temporary state, and you can move past it! Don’t let the energy of now burn any bridges you don’t already have plans to set fire to.

Scorpio The Fool Rx – Welcome to the season of Scorpio! It can be easy to get caught up with the flow get reckless. Remember to that you hold the reigns of your reality, and are responsible for yourself and all consequences tied to that.Express yourself! Enjoy yourself! BUT be considerate of the impact your actions have this month to your future.

SagittariusFive of Pentacles Rx – You’re going to start recovering from a sense of “lack” that dominated the time of Libra. The scales are evening out again, and will help you to receive new opportunities. It wont be a thrilling month, but one of isolation and healing. Breathe! Take this break, you deserve it.

CapricornThe Hanged Man – Its the goat sign’s time to be a little mre social…shocking, I know! But the energy of Scorpio works with the solid earth sign to let loose, cut free old patterns and get a new perspective on life. You can start redesigning your social circle, set new patterns for who you want to spend your time with, and put it into practice. Have fun with it! Be who you want to be for the next year.

AquariusAce of Pentacles – Look for new openings in your life right now, a new gate opening to lead you in a new direction. Draw on your networking connections heavy in Scorpio, as the theme for this month is social connections. Use those in your favor, and watch the rewards grow. Especially in the area of getting a raise, new position, or new start all together.

PiscesPage of Swords Rx – Bring in the newness this month! You’ll have a lot of energy and potential for new explorations. Adventures are calling, and it’s a good month for following them. However, planning is important. This card warns against making rash or hasty decisions, or it could leave you even worse off.

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