October 2018 TarotScopes

Aries – Five of Swords – Watch out for the time of balance, sun in Libra, bringing you sharply out of balance with the world around you. Where does the equalization of energies make you feel like you’re moving down on the totem pole? The conflicts are entirely internal, but if you don’t face them, you’ll turn and reflect it on those closest to you.

Taurus – Two of Swords Rx – Sometimes we get stuck between decisions, and inaction keeps us locked there in that limbo. This month you may feel trapped between choices that don’t call to you one way or the other. The only way out is to accept that we can’t control all realities (a definite challenge for Taurus to let go of). There is no right choice, and the only truly wrong choice is to not make one at all.

Gemini – Ten of Cups – Don’t fight when things are going right! Though your mind may spin its wheels and try to trick you, it’s time to relax Gemini, and savor all that you’ve accomplished. Happiness and Joy are worthy pursuits, too, and sometimes just appreciating what’s around you can have it’s own healing effect.

Cancer – Queen of Wands Rx – The darker side of your Cancerian nature may be making a scene this month, as jealousy and self focus energetically creep into your life. It’s easy to become wrapped in self indulgent thoughts, like why you deserve more, or why someone else is at fault. But remember these are insecurities that are something YOU need to heal and love, and no one else can do that for you.

Leo – Ten of Swords Rx – Know when it’s time to lay down your weapons, Leo, and rest. Right now, rejuvenating your spirit from past fights (especially ego battles) may be necessary. Let you soul be nurtured by the changing of the seasons, the transition back into home and family focus. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to let what remains, go.

Virgo – Six of Cups – As Virgo season ends, it will leave those with it’s signs in their charts still sighing in happiness. Let yourself reach out to those you love this month, be it long lost friends, or family. Share a drink and recount stories from the past. Libra is not a hard transition, and the balance will be a comfort for those who already seek it.

Libra – The Sun – Appropriately, with the sun in Libra, they will be finding things perfectly to their liking this month. Joy, success, celebration, and positivity will be the themes for you, should you only choose to look for them! Let your light be a guide to others in your life who may be struggling with this transition.

Scorpio – Five of Cups Rx – It’s time to accept what is, Scorpio, and walk on from it. Finding peace is more important for you than winning the battle. Likely, you’re only hurting yourself by sticking to painful memories and events. Whatever traumas ail you, let yourself face them with grace this month so they can become a solid part of your past.

Sagittarius – Ten of Pentacles – What you’ve been working towards is all coming together. You may not be able to see it, but in the grander scheme, much is going on that is leading you towards joy and happiness. The path might be obscured ahead, but look behind you and see how far you’ve truly climbed up the proverbial mountain.

Capricorn – The Empress – Remember the nurturing side of yourself as we draw closer together with family and finding balance in our lives. Cap’s can often come across as dull and cold, but letting those you trust and love see just how much you appreciate them, will help you build that support system you definitely need!

Aquarius – Strength – Bravery is more than just doing what has to be done. It means facing things you, or others might be fearful and shy away from. What in your life are you avoiding, but needs to be faced? Know that you have all the strength and power inside you, and you only have to call upon it.

Pisces – The Lovers – Like the two fish of Pisces, the Lovers card is about unity, duality, and partnering together. Let your natural tendencies flow this month, guiding you and others towards a closer relationship with themselves. Harmony is difficult to maintain these days, when everyone highlights on what divides us. But bringing all sides together is where the magic truly happens. Show yourself that magic this month.

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