Past Life Regressions

There are many reasons that somebody might want to come for a Past Life Regression.For one person, they are looking for the root cause of a seemingly irrational fear or phobia.
For another person, they might be wondering if they are carrying forward undealt with baggage with a difficult relationship be it family, friendship or of a romantic nature.
Some people want to delve into what they might be carrying forward in terms of life lessons that may not have been learned yet and want to get some insight.
Some people are simply curious as to the Past Lives they may have lead.
With an experienced and qualified Past Life Regressionist the answers to these question and probably about any other question you can think of can be addressed to see if the root cause of an issue you are experiencing is because something you have yet to resolve is being carried forward.
I have been doing this work as well as teaching others for over 10 years and have found unfailingly that when people find the root cause of the issues of what is troubling them the issues cease to be issues. They are able to move forward and it is unbelievable how often the root cause of these issues are carried through from one or more Past Lives. 

I have had a client who thought she was coming for help with weight loss. But while in Hypnosis and we went back into a Past Life we found that in fact she had starved to death previously.  So in this life she carried forward a need to eat as much as possible when it was available.  Once she realized this she was able to release this fear and she lost the weight she wanted to.
I have had a client who had a seemingly on the surface irrational fear of crossing bridges.  As it turned out it in a previous life her subconscious revealed that she had been killed by being pushed off a bridge.
There is the client that found that her difficult child in this life was actually her Mother in a previous life.  This time the roles are reversed and in Hypnosis  asking her what is their unfinished business the answer was to gain am understanding of each other to break the cycle. 

There are two parts to our minds.  The conscious part which for lack of a better term is in charge of the here and the now and operates from logic.  The subconscious part contains all of our memories. This life and Past Lives. All of our experiences. Our Subconscious  holds them. So with an the right professional you can learn so much about your Soul, what you are here to learn, what you have gotten right and gain so much insight into yourself. 

We have so much history and so much depth that Past Life exploration can help to uncover.
Some people feel that the thought of us having already been around the block in another life, in another form is hooey.  I say have your own experience and you be the judge. 

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