Past Life Relationships: How to know if your partner is from a past life

romance_angels26Past life relationships: How to know if your partner is from a past life.  The signals that you have met your past love, in your present life. Before we can explain the key signs of knowing if your partner, is indeed someone you have loved and married once before in another life, is by establishing first the knowledge and basis, of what is a past life relationship, we all have past life’s reincarnation is the simple, rebirth of our consciousness and soul energy. Humans have immortal souls, that are meant to live on for all eternity, we all have a role and a purpose and a destiny, and if it isn’t achieved and accomplished in one life, than it will be worked on over and over again in many life’s, until it is ultimately completed, and that stands especially true with love and relationships. If a love isn’t fulfilled in a life before this one in the present, than you will have met your past life partner, to achieve what you both are destined to conquer in life, this individual in your present life could be somebody you have married a thousand times before, it could also be the father of your children in a past life.

2 key signs that your partner in the present is a love interest from your past life. 

A Familiar face: if you have currently met someone who knocked the air out of your lungs, left your breathless shaken stirred emotionally. And spiritually. Feeling as if you have seen theme before, do you feel awkward and clumsy in your actions, in regards to not understanding what your body is feeling, does it feel as if you have seen there face one million times before. Than if the answer is yes, you have met your past life partner, the connection is instant, reality is changed forever, the love you once thought you knew is no longer the same, you feel something much more deeper and powerful than you have ever experienced before, this can drive one mad, but knowing that you have met someone special that you have loved before, is hard to grasp and understand, but having the knowledge of spirituality helps with the anxious that past life partners bring.

Emotions instantly racing: When you meet your past life partner emotions instantly start to build up, almost so quickly that you are afraid, you wonder why this person has such a strong affect on you, not a single word can be spoken. But it feels as if you both have had deep discussions a million times before, just by staring at that person. This can honestly bring one confusion. But know what you are feeling is perfectly normal, accept your emotions don’t try to denounce theme.

Love at first sight ? 

Yes you have heard the term love at first sight many times before, it sounds like a tale of fiction or something you say to describe your partner to your friends. But does it actually exist? The answer is yes! Love at first sight can happen when 2 individuals from a past life relationship meet in the present. The love is within seconds, just by a glance and a stare at that person and you are captured by theme. Love is the only proof of a spiritual existence.

shawn-dec-23-smallerDon’t let past life relationships make you afraid, if you have any concerns or need further confirmation, about your past life partner. feel free to reach out to me here on my tarot advisor I am just a click away!  You can find me daily on My Tarot Advisor or at Psychictxt for a reading about your relationship and if it is a past life love!



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