My Personal Experience with My Twin Flame

I get a lot of questions and reading requests in regards to twin flames and twin flame connections. I would like to offer my own personal experience with MY twin flame. I have noticed that most of the time people are under the impression that your twin flame is something like your soul mate ( or what most people believe a soulmate will be like ). Well for me and what I have known to be true in regards to twin flames, that cannot be any further from the truth. Most people feel that your twin flame is that ULTIMATE love. That deep connection that transcends this life and is on a deep soul level. A person who will love you unconditionally and ultimately and make you feel complete and whole. Yeaaaaah,,, NO!. Even when speaking of a soul mate that is not exactly the case, but I will save that for another blog as we are not talking about soul mates right now.

I found my twin flame. Well, actually HE found ME. With the help of my and his guides and a small ritual I did to invite my ancestors and angles to my home to bless and cleanse and also asking them for 3 favors. I was to ask for one thing for myself, one thing for my family, and one thing for the world. As you can guess I asked for LOVE for myself. And the VERY NEXT DAY they delivered. And so it started! The rollercoaster that is a twin flame connection. From the very first communication we had things got, well weird! I felt compelled to check into this site that I had not used in MONTHS and see what was in there. I had a message from a random man inquiring about me being a Tarot reader. Of course, I answered and we started talking. We had so much in common! Both interested in all the same types of things, art, music, movies, same spiritual view and for the most part political. It was amazing to find someone who was just so much like myself. Then the random synchronicities started. Small ones at first. Like him saying what I was just thinking. Me being able to pick up on his moods and emotions from 150 miles away even though I didn’t even know what he looked like for the most part. I didn’t find this all that odd at first being that I am an empath and I tend to easily connect with people like this. It is my job after all ;). Then other weird connections started popping up. I grew up in this tiny little town that is barely a pinprick on a map that no one would have heard of and is about 300 miles away from where I live now. When I mentioned it to him he seemed mind blown and it turns out his family owned a vacation home up there and that is where he spent all his summers and holidays. It is almost guaranteed that we crossed each other paths at some point. Then I learn that my high school science teacher had migrated about 150 miles south to teach in the state capital at the school he went to, and was also his science teacher. Then I learned that my ex-husbands family whose home I was at for most holidays for many years lived within walking distance from him in the large city he grew up in. Those types of things just kept on coming. Then the dreams started on both of our ends that would line up with what the other person was doing, reading, drawing, you name it.

My psychic abilities shot through the roof! I started being able to see, hear, feel my guides AND HIS all around me. We won’t even get into run-ins I had with just random earthbound spirits. Things like this just kept coming and coming and this was all within the first two weeks of us just speaking online and on the phone. I still had not even met him in person yet! I know what you’re thinking! ” But wait? This all sounds amazing! Exactly how I thought it would be!” That is what I thought too! It was all so magical and perfect! It must be fate! He MUST be my soul mate! I felt like I had stepped into a syfy movie. I didn’t even know what this man looked like but I knew I was completely in love with him and would spend the rest of my life with him. I was walking in clouds! He didn’t see it quite the same as I did. He freaked out. He thought he was going insane, then he thought maybe I was insane, then he got scared and told me he wanted to stop talking to me. Oh man, that disconnect of energy was downright PAINFUL! This is how things went for months. He would connect, we would spend a few days together, then he would freak out and run away. Back and forth over and over again. He would run, I would wait.

That is when I started looking for some type of answers to what the heck was going on in my life and what this crazy connection to this fickle man who just HAD to be my soul mate was. I read and read about twin flames. About the runner and the chaser dynamic. About how twin flames almost NEVER meet in person and if they do it’s even rarer that they will actually be together. I read and read and got readings on it. I did get answers but they were not ones I liked. The back and forth kept up and eventually, he gave into the crazy intense feelings and decided to just go with it. We are still together. He is my best friend and my other half. But this relationship is much less about warm fuzzies and snuggling under blankets than it is about spiritual growth. Pain. exposure. Learning to see YOURSELF for who you TRUELY are.

You see your twin flame is not just a soul that you connect with. Your twin flame is a mirror to yourself. They share all of your qualities. Both good AND bad. And you will be forced to look at yourself in ways you never have before. You will be forced to see all the things you do that hurt other people. All the flaws and hang-ups you have. Your twin flame will hurt you in ways you didn’t know possible. It is the most painful relationship dynamic you can imagine. But is also the purest and beautiful connection you can think of. No matter what happens or what they do you will love them and stay by their side. When it is good it is amazing. When it is bad it is hell. And once you have had a taste of being with your actual other half, no one else will ever compare to them. You will be left feeling incomplete and like you are missing someone.

So if you are told a person is your twin flame. And they keep disappearing from your life, it may just be that this is not the life you are meant to be with them. It may be that your souls are not ready to reconnect. That you have not learned all you are ready to learn on a soul level before you combine and see yourself in a mirror. If they keep running and do not come back on their own maybe it’s not time to chase them. Maybe you should let them go and just know that your souls will know when you are meant to be together. It may be next year or 3 lifetimes from now. And if you do manage to meet your twin, be prepared for one hell of a ride!

Until we talk again! ~Cortney


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