Photo Analysis Readings Available

Have You Ever wanted to find out what someone’s real personality,character intentions or if they are keeping secrets?  Have You Ever Stumbled on some on social media post and wonder what’s really going on in the picture? If they are “more than friends” or if there is more to the picture than meets the eye.
Through Facebook Instagram and social media we feel that we have a part of someone’s life. But sometimes there are very important details that are overlooked or that we are even too close to see!  If you are currently going through difficulties, confusion or not sure where to turn, allow me to shed light on the situation. Photo analysis will allow me to give you all of this info and more.

At My Tarot Advisor I am offering the Photo Analysis Readings!

Order a Mini photo (200 credits) and get a Mini Analysis Reading and insight into the Surface of personality

Order a Standard video (450 credits) and get a Basic Analysis, Personality and character, and I can Look at a Social media picture for you

Order an Enhanced video  (800 credits) and get a Full analysis of personality character feelings and emotions and secrets

Please include a picture of the person that you would like to find out about along with their Name and date of birth and place your order today, and we can dig deeper into that person and situation and what ‘really’ is going on! Please note in the QUESTION Line, that you wish a Photo Analysis Reading.

This offer is available at My Tarot Advisor with Psychic Adeena ONLY — Please contact her inapp to order your Special Reading Offer.


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