Relationship and Root Chakra

Chakra means the wheel, Root Chakra means the base Chakra of all the seven chakras of the human body. Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine near the pelvic floor. Chakras are energy portals, provide the vital life force energy necessary for physical and emotional and spiritual functions. If the Root Chakra is disturbed then it will affect on all the aspects of life, but specifically, it will affect a large on the quality of the relationship, because if root Chakra is not properly energized or if it’s affected due to other reasons, then one can feel struggling while trusting their own instinct. They can feel that they are not getting intuition, they are not able to decide, a discretion is missing and they can feel all alone very insecure and anxious. People will find hard to believe in others, it makes a person unstable and a person becomes always doubtful. When the root Chakra is disturbed and the person will not find happiness in a relationship and always wonder what he or she is missing in a relationship. If root Chakra is not properly balanced then the person will always try to see the unseen and it will affect in taking a decision in life. If the Root Chakra is not balanced and week then that person easily absorbs the negative energy or negative of the other people or of the surroundings. If the Root Chakra is disturbed then a person feels that he is not able to cope with any other pressure unable to cope the pressure of life and not able to connect with others and carry a  doubt that everybody is against them and takes himself as a person who is least loved in the life, full with insecure feeling and insecure thoughts cover up the wisdom of person and a person feels as if things are running out of hands and this mind state definitely effects on all aspects of life, like on work because you are not confident, then you are prone to do mistakes in your work and you can not read the people who are around you.
And it affects mostly and foremost on the relationship because you are not able to you read your partner and you are always doubtful that whether you are being cheated or you are not worthy of true love. People will always doubt the things you are getting in your relationship. Foremost and topmost if root Chakra is not balanced it will first of all effect on your relationship and it will disturb the quality of relationship and will never make you satisfied it gives you self pity and you will keep comparing yourself with others, that the people are getting better in their relationship and in compared to you. will make a person more jealous and even the small disturbance in your relationship will make you doubt your partner cheating on you. Neither they will fully believe in a relationship nor hold the courage to come out of an unsatisfied relationship. so it will  make feel as if you are stuck up and unable to take decision.  The imbalance root Chakra person always accuses himself of every misery of their life and will feel an inability to change a life.
Root Chakra is the base chakra and it is very easily managed by small little things people can make it strong again and by doing just very small changes in lifestyle it can be again balanced.
   As if to improve or to make it balanced again First of all if connection with nature will happen if you go out to observe nature like just see, look towards the plants or towards the sky, sit on the mother earth and connect yourself with nature then it will make you feel calm and make you balance, where you can see what thoughts you are holding are negative and what thoughts are positive, then you can connect with your inner soul. Just if you remain silent to try to be thoughtless and try to connect yourself with nature.
crystals also help a lot in correcting in balancing the root Chakra or the other chakras of the body and there are many stones many crystals that heel the chakras and correct them the crystals for root Chakra are – Bloodstone, Tigers Eye, Hematite, Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline. If you try to hold the Crystal while meditating near to your root Chakra like sitting on the mother earth and placing the Crystal behind you on the floor just in the back. And if then you will hear the music or sound for root Chakra or if you take the mantra of the root chakra and place a crystal near to your body on the floor on the back, then it will also help. If you can wear any jewelry for the Root Chakra stone it will also be combined with your energy and 24 hours try to heal your root Chakra and divert the negative energy.
so if your Root Chakra is balanced and strong then it will affect all aspects of your life and specifically, in a relationship you will be more connected and will be able to see the truth of your relationship and able to enjoy it fully.


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