Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

When we think of our love life the first things that come to mind are what we want and what we need from our partner. One of the first things you need to really think about and discuss with your love interest is what their wants and needs are. That’s the first “Do” you should have on your list. Vocalize your musts and your wants and make sure to hear out theirs as well. This will give you both a deeper understanding of each other as well as deepen the bond between you. If there’s something on your list that doesn’t match up or even directly conflicts with your partners, compromise is the key. Love and relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding. Being flexible and open minded will boost your chances for a thriving relationship by a huge margin!

Issues and mistakes are inevitable in any serious partnership. But bringing up these issues of the past is a big “don”t”. Once these issues are resolved it’s a common thing for one of the people in a relationship who felt wronged to bring up the issue again. If you and your partner have unresolved feelings about issues or bumps in the road, that means you haven’t fully gotten over it. Partners must forgive and forget, not harbor negative emotions that will only grow. Talk about your issues with your partner as much and as long as it takes to decide if you can move on.

Now I’d like to talk about a simple act that can really make a relationship blossom. Surprises! Well more like nice gestures and the act of going out of your way to show you care. People love when their partner show them affection, but when they do more than just say it, and show it instead. That’s when they truly feel loved and wanted by their special someone. This is a great thing to do for your significant other at any stage in relationship, whether it be early on in a budding love or a lifelong commitment. With these tips and a whole lot of patience and love, everyone can have and find a wonderful lifelong relationship. I’m sure of it!

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