A Renewed Trend for 2017 – Taking Care of Ourselves!

april-all-3-cardsAfter waking up from all the Christmas Cheer celebrated over the last weekend, we are waking up to reality now and seeing that maybe, finally, 2017 is a year to take control and make changes. Maybe you feel you are getting too old to party like this, or simply not interested anymore inputting out so much energy and effort into everyone else that you need to take care of YOU more!
April, one of My Tarot Advisors Professional Tarot Readers has given us her 2017 Tarot Predictions for the Trend of the year. It’s actually a renewed Trend for 2017 which is going to be people taking care of themselves more, taking time out of their lives to heal themselves and their situations on their own accord and not relying on “traditional medicine” as much but rather doing for themselves.
As we close out one year and blossom into the next we must ask ourselves are we ready for change? I know that the coming year will be the year for Spiritual growth and we will learn and connect more with our spiritual side..Here’s how to prepare for the change and become a Real trendsetter!

(Energy healing card)  Your natural energy healing abilities are an important part of your life purpose.  Your hands are and genetically activated to channel healing to others think about how many times you’ve held your hands over someone’s aches or pains including her on this instinct of action is so natural to you that you may overlooked or downplayed it in fact it’s in the Kaydet of your spiritual gift of energy healing now it’s time to steer your energy healing work any professional direction this mean involve taking classes to increase your knowledge and confidence most important though he’s holding that intention to conduct energy healing session as a career once you fearlessly and confidently put this intention out into the universe your clients will come to you at first you may conduct unpaid sessions with friends and family members soon through word-of-mouth your continued focus and can you either a check he paid private practice or you’ll join a healing center as you initiate your energy healing work keep your mind and body cleared by practicing a healthy lifestyle and you can take excellent care of yourself your physical and emotional reserves increase your high energy is create ingredient in quickly manifesting your dreams

(Yoga Card) Your life is enhanced by you guys stretching and exercising to get the clear answers and guidance you see turn to yoga you drew this card because this peaceful activity increases your confidence intuition two factors that help you with your life purpose you’re encouraged to enroll in a yoga class and attend frequently as in person sessions offer your motivation and instruction, for a few people this card will signified that your actual life purpose is a career involving yoga for example you may be guided to teach this discipline for a specialized group such as children and pregnant women are the elderly perhaps your life purpose is to open a yoga studio or design yoga inspired clothing regardless of whether yoga is central or peripheral do your purpose you’re clearly guided to practice this life affirming form of exercise and stretching ask your angels to guide you to the teacher who will best and hands and support your practice the angels will give you cite an intuitive feeling to point you in the direction of your life purpose

(Your on the right path card) This card is your angels way of encouraging you to continue with your present dreams and goals just the act of having a dream has added passion and meaning to your life now the angels are encouraging you to take a positive action steps related to your dream they know that you’re feeling happier and more energized as you devote daily time and energy to this notation begin by centering your mind body with a few deep breath close your eyes and silently ask your guardian angels please clearly give me signs guidance motivation and support and inspiration relate to my divine life purpose noticed a thought and feelings you receive after making this request work as a team with your Angels by asking them for additional information and clarity then follow the guidance as it occurs.
I suggest Meditation to help with this new trend.   Chakra meditation is simple yet powerful!  Anyone has the potential to practice. Traditionally, Chakra meditation was a method of meditation only taught to those dedicated to the yogic path but in this new modern world, Chakra meditation has become available to us all.

The purpose of this trend is to provide a person with a smooth and easy entry into the practice of Chakra meditation. The technique itself it very easy to do, yet to gain the full impact and benefits of this technique, other elements and qualities will also need to be cultivated alongside this practice. This is because for any meditation to be effective, the mind and body need to be somewhat prepared,

Here’s a 3 step easy way to get into the New age trend of healing meditation

Your state of mind, should be calm and ready to take 10-15 mins of quiet time,

Bring forth the colors you desire to bring into your space to open this particular chakra energy,

Allow yourself to drain any feelings that you may be harboring within or no longer serve you and stay focused on what you want to bring forth into the new year Love, Peace, Health, Harmony.. whatever your desired energy to bring into the new year is best of luck to you all! -Love and Light, April

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  1. Wow that was really informative and interesting i will definitely be trying this for the new year I’ve been looking into ways of healing and this article was super helpful thank you keep up the good work! I will be getting my wife to try this as well she’s very into yoga and meditation.

    1. Hi Chelsea– Please download our app and you can speak with any one of our Tarot Readers as they can help you with your questions! Download our app free today for iOs. Thanks for using My Tarot Advisor!

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