September 23, 2019 The Equinox

The first day of autumn is always a magical day for me because it’s significant to mysticism in general. Equinoxes have powerful insights to them but the equinox is about where we are in our lives. Since it’s autumn and it’s September and it’s libra season at this point I have to start asking myself clearly where as a direction do I want to go in my life?  How do I want to end in this calendar year , where do I want to be next year? 

Scorpio’s  birthday is right up the corner and libra season the equinox it’s a very special time and it’s filled with magic in the air. The smell of coffee and pumpkin spice, and blueberry muffins. It is just a dreamy cozy time with the leaves begin to turn red and the skies  begins to turn to be painted beautiful blues and red oranges as the sun sets and rises in the mornings. This is when I tend to do most of my thinking around the equinox is always in the mornings and in the evenings.

In that twilight of thinking on the equinox I am thinking about what I want to close to my year out on and with whom. This is also the time where I being and action plan that I write an out line to. Then I check to see when the next retrograde is because in astrology, you never want to enact a new plan  during a retrograde. So I make my new plan and use the retrograde to close out and revisit old patterns that need to be broken after the equinox but also to celebrate that changes are coming to my life because I have enacted them and invited them in to my life on this day. 

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