It’s not quite yet Valentine’s Day and we’re in between holidays. So it’s a little bit of going to be a little bit of low energy right now, which is the perfect time to rest and take care of yourself.  During this time of transitioning into the New Year,  it is best to make sure that you take care of yourself.  Post-holiday care is an individual process and can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.  Post-holiday care can mean spending time with your best friend, relaxing at home with a good book, or treating yourself to an at-home spa night.  Keeping it low key and maximizing what you enjoy helps to slowly get us back into the groove of everything that’s been going on, and transitioning away from the holidays till the next really big holiday, Valentine’s Day.  Keeping up our energy in between all the events that life throws at us is a challenge, but it’s certainly necessary.

During the year, some of the care strategies you can use to take care of yourself, including getting a massage, if you are inclined, on taking time out to read a good book. getting some exercise and eating right. Anything you can do to care for your energy will help you, in the long run, will really help, including finding what makes you feel your best.  Sometimes, this can be changing things up to include a better way of being organized and getting rid of old habits, which no longer serve us.  Despite the uphill battle for change, there are ways to make our goals work for us.  Start small – start with one thing per day until you get through it and then add an add more as you go through as you master that one.  This is a perfect time to work with yourself while accepting yourself and realize you’re going to make mistakes along the way. You don’t need to be all perfect about it – any progress is still progress. We’re only human and part of the joy of it is realizing that we can make a difference to ourselves as much as we do for others.

Some ideas for better self-care:

  1. Spending time with friends that you haven’t seen in a while that you love spending time with because they help make your world a bit brighter.
  2. Planning an at-home spa night for yourself, even if it’s just only yourself.
  3. Reading a book that you’ve been meaning to read for your own enjoyment.
  4. Working on an art or craft that you enjoy, whether it’s drawing, painting, writing, knitting, or sewing – the creativity inspiration can help.
  5. Planning a day trip that you’ve been meaning to, even if it’s only to the local museum can boost your spirits up.
  6. Using your favorite lotion and moisturizer is a nice, pick-me-up when you need it.
  7. Meditation, walking meditation, hiking, and yoga are also fantastic choices.  Bonus points if you can do it out in nature for a change of scenery and fresh air.

There are many ways, in addition to these ones above, to boost your spirit and energy this month.  The more care you take of yourself, the more energy you’ll have to be able to pay it forward and accomplish more this year.

I’m available in-app if you would like to contact me.  Many blessings to you…..

yours!  –  Ravenna

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