Step Into Gratitude

Life can be – You don’t stop loving someone when they break, you get stronger so they can lean on you.  

Thanksgiving is s a great reminder for us to turn inward and reflect on all we are grateful for. Gratitude is choice, an energy to project outward rather than an effort that we must make to change our lives around when we don’t feel there is any for us to be grateful for. Life gives us storms that were not forecasted, this is how we learn. Gratitude is the energy that gives us the higher perspective so we can see this, much like the holiday season. It is how we choose to react, what we choose to do with the energy. 

How are you choosing to react to a storm that wasn’t forecasted? Through the power of choice, what we choose to accept in our life, balances that outcome of what we choose to have as an outcome in our life. Everything we think and feel is a choice that we make, within our own mind. Our choice to be at peace, our choice to live through love, our choice to live a successful life – We are choose everything and have more power than we believe. We can make ourselves happy, we can make ourselves feel sad, we choose how to react to every single circumstance that is thrown at us, be it who we surround ourselves by in the holiday season, be it on a day to day basis. With all of these choices, we are also automatically setting intentions that this is what we are going to receive in our reality. Gratitude gives us presence so we can make these choices. So when we make the choice to struggle, we must recognize that we are automatically manifesting a life we will struggle with, through our own thought process. We need to allow ourselves a minute to identify that peace is a formula that breaks down our own reaction from the action of what has happened – whatever we are going through. Our reaction is what disturbs the peace within us, that chaos I have talked about previously. Peace is taking ownership in the areas of our life that cause us discomfort. With a peaceful mind we can filter the bad and gravitate ourselves to the good as it fills us with enough stillness to understand that what is to come is separated from what has already happened, strengthening our ability to move forward in a more grounded way. Step into a space of gratitude this Thanksgiving, use it as a tool for you to find more presence, whether you are around those you don’t wish to be or whether this season gives you stress. Use gratitude to give you presence, to wipe away those storms that were not forecasted. 

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