Tapping Into Your True Potential


My living is to help people heal and reach their true potential. How do you tap into your true potential? By being honest with yourself.

If you are not totally satisfied with your life ask yourself why.
What is it that you would rather be doing?
Why aren’t you doing it?
What is keeping you back from doing it?
What steps can you take to get you in that direction?
Do you know of someone who is doing what you would like to do?
Ask them what they did to get there.

Tapping into your true potential is a manner of realizing that you have something to offer. We all have something beautiful within us that is worth sharing with this world. What we have to share is what we have an earnest desire to do.

Don’t have a clue at what you would like to do? Keep asking yourself more questions.
What am I good at?
Do I enjoy doing what I am good at?
What have I always had an interest in but never stepped out on?
If I had an unlimited source of income what would I be doing?
What do I think I would enjoy doing that would not only help me but help others as well.

Fulfilled people have careers that not only benefit them, but also bring joy to others. Their main concern isn’t about how much money is in it for me, but I love what I do and I do it because it’s my passion! Your true potential is your passion. Ask yourself some of these simple questions and they will lead you to your passion!

Sending love, Sharlani    You can speak with me at My Tarot Advisor and get a Video Tarot Reading!

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