Tarot 101: Timeframes & Predictions – How Free-Will Can Change Outcomes

Oftentimes, I’ll get clients that ask for ‘time frames’ on situations whether it’s, “When will my boyfriend contact me?” or “When will I meet my twin flame or soulmate?” As a psychic medium who uses divination tools, we understand that time is not linear – present, past or future. I rely on my Spirit Guides, the Universe, and the Higher Power for guidance to assist you with your inquiry at hand. I trust that I am able to provide you relief and a probable time frame, but I understand it may shift depending on the free will of all parties involved.

Translating spiritual information is an evolutionary adaptation, like translating from a foreign language you’re not fluent in. We, as humans, read time as seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, etc. However, as per the Universe, the reality we live in and accept as our current reality is not a black and white vision or representation of the Universe’s present.

Even the “best” readers can’t be 100% accurate on time frames. Every moment of every day, our feelings and perspectives can change on a situation without notice or warning. It is important as a psychic medium to provide clarity and honesty to our clients that our purpose is to provide guidance, clarity and insight on their inquiry, so our clients can make the best decisions for their situation(s) at hand.

Everything, especially timing, is based on probability and subject to change upon free will. While there are certain situations and experiences that are written in fate or ordained by the Universe, a higher power, however you may call this Spirit, we, as human beings, were gifted autonomy, better known as free will, which allows us to act without the constraint of necessity or fate. We have the ability to act with our own intuition, and must discern if our decisions are appropriate or correct for us.

The concept of personal liberty is so ingrained in our psyche and physiology that we find that the thought of predestination is rather demoralizing. To ensure the continuation of life for sentient beings, our Spirit Guides, or Ancestors, will communicate information about the future to us in a way that implies the existence of free will. Therefore, what is communicated to through Psychic Medium are riddles or rhymes that tell you exactly what you need to know and in a manner that allows you to make decisions even if it doesn’t play out exactly as it is meant to.

Predicting time-frames is the hardest thing to do for any medium, so if readers catch the same outcome but the time-frames are fuzzy, don’t sweat it. The good news is, it is most likely on its’ way in divine timing. Not all psychics are clairvoyant and/or clairaudient (can hear verbal messages), therefore they must use their own circadian rhythm to determine how much time will pass between our present and the event to come. If you find frustration with when a moment is to come, relax, breathe, and leave it in the hands of the Universe.

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