Tarot Outlook for July 2018

My name is Shayna and I have been reading cards for just over a year. I do however have many years of experience and knowledge in the field. For my submission I will be pulling five cards that will make up a general spread for the month of July.

The first card that I have pulled for you all is called the High Priestess of Earth. This card is all about you needing to spend more time on your self. You need to start taking care of your self and become more healthy. Eating well and becoming one with your self by grounding and walking barefoot in the grass will help. This is also a warning to not proceed with something unless you have evidence to prove the situation.

The second card that I have pulled is the Risk card. This card speaks of taking a risk. Instead of being concerned about what may or may not happen. Take the leap of faith and go for it. This risk should not be motivated by boredom though or there may be consequences.

The third card I have pulled for you is called Letting Go. This card speaks of letting go of things that don’t serve a purpose in your life. You have the choice of what you want to let go and what you want to keep in your life. This also serves as a warning that if you hold on too tight to something you will chase it away. Also make sure you allow others to make their own choices.

The fourth card that I have pulled for you today is called Grove. This card speaks of now being a time of healing. This is a time to apologize to those you have hurt and putting effort into rekindling friendships. If you are hurting at this time know that this is the time to heal and that this shall pass. If someone you love is hurting now is a time to be there for them. They really need you.

The final card that I have pulled for you is Obedience. This card speaks of there being rules for everything. Now is not the time to try and mold the rules to your liking. These rules are put in place in order to protect you and others. Now is a time to follow rules to keep things in order.

This reading is just a general reading and I hope that it brings some guidance to you in some sort of way. Love and light ~BB

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