Tarot Pull for the Full Moon in Pisces

I pulled the overall energy card for the full moon in Pisces and I get the king of cups this is Neptune. If you look at the king of cups that I have he is  Neptune embodied in the middle of the sea on a throne with a dolphin behind him and for those of you who don’t know a lot about Pisces. This sign is ruled by Neptune and Neptune rules Pisces, dreams, illusions, the 12 house, endings and new beginnings, and lastly magic. This full moon is going to be very pivotal I’ve already written a little bit about it but again I have Neptune coming in very strongly with the king of cups here. 

Emotionally everybody is going to be living in their emotions now but we’re not allowing them to control us which I always say as overall energy this is perfect. It is exactly where emotionally everybody wants to be this is a maturation of energy as well as being emotionally mature and intelligent with your emotions the king of cups in a communication setting. Is a message of someone who they tend to control their emotions but this is where they’re gonna let that control down a little bit and finally express what’s on their heart in their mind while still being stern. In a work setting, this is usually a boss a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces individual or a coworker setting maybe where there are emotions sometimes can run high but with this card. There are happier emotions being expressed here negative ones as they are and can be choppy waters you guys as a cohesive group in the work setting know how to work around each other’s differences and vocalize them accordingly. 

Now in love and romance this is actually a very positive omen when you get the king of cups in love and romance if you’re single this is saying you’re going to meet a partner who could be Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and sun, moon, rising, or even their Venus sign but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It could just mean that at this moment in time there embodying the king of cups they’re being emotionally stable emotionally and solid. They will be emotionally secure in their own feelings and heart space and so, therefore, they know exactly where they’re going to go in this relationship that you could potentially have with this person. They are clear on exactly their wants and their needs out of a partner but also with the king of cups as a partnership this tells me that the emotions are flowing between you and your partner. At this time this is actually a very prosperous time for the relationship because you both again are not just emotionally solid in yourself but also in your relationship embarking on the beauty of love and romance together and that’s very strong and powerful. 

For money this tells me if you’re looking for a job or a creative endeavour this tells me that you would be better suited in a job where you feel emotionally stable but also connected to that hobby with your creativity because the king of cups and Neptune, in particular, embodies the sign of Pisces and Pisces are the perpetual artist of the zodiac. They have a process that they have to go through and so this is where I always tell my clients you need to be more creative you need to allow yourself to go into your hobby that you’re so passionate about with your emotions and try to find work in that because when you do that then your life’s going to make a 360. When we become emotionally happy our lives become solid, stable, and more secure spiritually. 

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