Tarot Talks: What Does The Collective Need To Know About: Joe Biden?

Hi everyone! It’s your girl, Rachel! Today, we are going to be discussing Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Rather than discuss particular topics that may be sensitive or controversial, let us discuss what the Universe is guiding us to know about him.

Mr. Biden is a Scorpio and shows up as a King of Cups, giving me the vibe that Mr. Biden is someone that really wants to provide a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on for the people of America. As a compassionate man, he wants to provide relief and aid to struggling socioeconomic status and provide charity to vulnerable communities at risk of poverty, hunger, and lack of necessities. Mr. Biden can be patient under trying circumstances and has a calm approach to circumstances, taking into account others’ points of view despite the fact others’ may label him as a “people-pleaser.” He is an individual that is willing to listen to the perspective of all without absolving his own. Mr. Biden cares about the well-being of our nation and cares for each family that needs his assistance. His calm, unruffled demeanor allows him to deal logically and practically with any crisis that may arise (Five of Swords Rx).

Mr. Biden’s focus is to put the arms down and promote bipartisanship for the nation’s best interest. His goal is the end of the division within our nation and our government. This election is hostility, and there are extreme tension and unruliness in the air. Mr. Biden is vehement about his beliefs, and nothing will allow him to concede to defeat. With the assistance of his team and VP hopeful, Kamala Harris, he takes the time to think through his thoughts (Four of Cups Rx) and decides to take action! He is taken the time to soul-search, to look at all the signs around him, and he’s out here rooting for the best possible outcome for the American people.

With all the madness that has overtaken the world with COVID-19, human rights protest, and violence, Mr. Biden’s goal are The Star. After the storm of the Tower comes the calm of the Star, and Mr. Biden is calling upon his inner strength, the channeling of the divine energy of his Chakras, to find his true destiny. He wants to destroy the dark shroud (The Devil) that has taken over the nation. He wants to help others and contribute to the human race on a deeper humanitarian and environmental level.

 One of his priorities is social welfare, assisting the unemployed individuals in the United States who are struggling to put meals on the table, pay their rent/mortgage payments, or pay their bills. For Mr. Biden, he understands the working-class, low, to middle-class families, and the struggles they are facing with supporting their families and being in a position of wealth; Mr. Biden believes that when you see someone less well off than you, in need of help do; you don’t look another way. You help them when they need it the most, for you do not know when you will be in the same position needing the same kindness (6 of Pentacles). Mr. Biden is a man of gratitude and understands a good person would never turn and ignore others’ plight; even the smallest gesture can be of enormous help.

Mr. Biden has great plans for our nation (Two of Wands). He is at a crossroads, of becoming president or remaining as is, however, he recognizes that despite his qualifications and experience, he is ultimately at the mercy of the Electoral College and citizens of our nation. Mr. Biden is currently using his time in solitude to think about what is most important to him. He is listening to himself and reflecting on his journey in life from being Senator of Delaware, 47th Vice President of the United States of American to running as a candidate for the presidency (The Hermit). Mr. Biden’s goal if elected is Ten of Pentacles: to make the United States of America’s economy strong again – to create wealth and strong financial security – to build a greater empire through strong bonds, a united front, and a communal vision to ensure all within the nation work toward this a common goal.

With this being said, Joe Biden is my *prediction* for the Presidential Election Win.

With Many Blessings~ Rachel

Credit: St Soleil Tarot – ‘Lucid Dreams’ For Beginners • Tarot Deck”

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