Tarotscope for February 2018

Aries – Queen of Swords Rx- Be careful this month that you’re not using your strength in a way that hurts others, and yourself in the process. Sometimes it takes less than you’d expect to bring someone else down, especially when you know just where to strike. Think about the other person in your coming conversations, and where you can choose to speak with compassion this month!

Taurus – Temperance Rx – This month looks like it will be a challenging time for the Taurus, with things normally they find themselves grounded in coming a bit unhinged. Know that just because change can be different, it doesn’t mean it has to be scary or intimidating! Flow with these changes, and you’ll be better off for it. Though that can be a big challenge for the sturdy bull sign.

Gemini – Two of Pentacles – February looks to be a time of adaptation for the Gemini, something they usually excel in! Let your life focus more on your priorities, and finding new balance with where you want your goals to go. This would be a good time to re-establish yourself on your path to keeping your resolutions, or to figuring out how to accomplish your goals in the longer term. 

Cancer – Ace of Swords Rx – Look out for issues that are clouding your perceptions right now. While the road ahead may be paved with good intentions, if you don’t have all the information necessary, you may just be driving yourself off a metaphorical cliff in the process! Look deeper at where you are headed, and what you are allowing in your life, before moving forward with it.

Leo – Knight of Wands – The Leo will find inspiration in this month, moving forward with projects, especially those that fuel their passions, fires, and need for adventure. If you intend to travel, February would be a good month for it! Focus your intention on where you want to move forward, and this will flow naturally for you this month.

Virgo – Nine of Wands – Things you’ve been working on will be soon coming to a closure. Projects, relationships, financial and career goals, or even just getting yourself out of a tough spot. This is the last stretch before you see rewards for your resilience. 

Libra – Ten of Swords – Libras may have a difficult time with the energy of this month, and the challenges it brings up. There will be unfortunate surprises coming from places you thought you could trust or had firm foundations in. Don’t let this rattle you over all, as all hope is not lost! Remember that being the victim is a mindset, and to take your power back from that mindset can make all the difference to a brighter future and success later on.

Scorpio – Five of Swords – While the strong energy of the Scorpio can be wielded any way they choose, this may not always be in your best interest. Beware of the ‘win at all cost’ attitude, or that you aren’t sabotaging your own wellbeing while focusing instead on confrontations, or places you feel right.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles Rx – Do you feel like you are stalling out this month on your goals? You’re not alone, and the energies may be encouraging you to rest, instead of pushing further into where you don’t feel it anymore. Otherwise, you continue to work, but without any reward for your efforts. 

Capricorn – Four of Cups Rx – By pushing for the big goals and ideals, you may be ignoring what’s already right in front of you, Capricorn. It can be easy to get caught up in grandious images of happiness, but most often, it’s found in the small aspects that go ignored in every day reality. Don’t let life swing by you, and leave you behind.

Aquarius – The Devil – The month of February shows a time of excess for the Aquarius, but not in a way that’s going to help. Be careful where you get yourself caught up in the same old traps, that lead you back around into old pattern too. This can be seen as giving up on resolutions, intentions, or goals set for the new year. Don’t let this be the month where you stopped your forward potential.

Pisces –  The Tower – Pride and ego can take a hit this month, especially if things don’t go as expected. When all else fails, remember that what is being shaken is likely what needs re-evaluation in your life. What purpose was that aspect really serving you? Would you be better off without it? Getting a new perspective can sometimes be painful, but often very necessary for growth, especially into the new year.

Tarotscopes provided to us from Fern, who is available at Psychictxt


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