Tarotscopes for August 2018


Aries  King of Cups Rx – Watch for the strengths you bear becoming the sword you cut others down with. The king of cups shows a man who is emotionally together, someone loving, strong, and dependable. But where are those bad sides coming out? Where could there be peace in your current life that you are turning away from? Focus on the best sides of yourself this coming month.

Taurus  King of Wands – Let the big picture become your focus this month, bulls. It’s important to remember to not sweat the small stuff, so that you can focus on the end game. Keeping your eye on the prize is a sign of true leadership, as you escape getting swept away before you can become more. If the caterpillar stopped at just becoming a chrysalis, he would miss knowing what it’s like to fly.

Gemini – Four of Wands Rx – Coming out of July with Mercury Retrograde in tow has your communication skills still down. Be careful not to burn any bridges, and pick your battles wisely, so that home conflict doesn’t become a permanent part of your life after a very trying month!

Cancer – Death Rx -The season of Cancer is over, and there’s still a lot left for those with Cancer in the charts to process. This month of Leo means you’ll need to watch out for letting the fires make you close yourself up. Though being open also means vulnerability, just know that fearing change will lead to stagnation. It may seem safer to stay in calm waters, but ships are not built for ports, they’re built for the rocky waves of the ocean. You’ve got this!

Leo – The Star – Welcome to your season, Leo! The star is a sign of hope being around the corner for you, good things ahead, after troubled and trying times in the recent past. You’ve made some big transitions that were very difficult. But as result, you’ve come out stronger than before…and you’ve definitely earned this rest!

Virgo – Nine of Pentacles Rx- While going within can be a great tool for self reflection, if you stay there, you often get a skewed perspective of yourself and your life. It’s time to let go of the set backs and mistakes that you’ve made. It’s time to see yourself with the love you truly deserve…the love you might look for in others but don’t realize it comes from within.

Libra – Six of Wands Rx – It’s hard to feel right most of the time, but then be proven that there are some aspects you may just not have a broad enough perspective on. This is definitely a challenge for the Libra. Where can you look a little wider? Where are you being called to be more unbiased this month? It’s going to play a role in how your future pans out.

Scorpio – Queen of Pentacles – Sometimes things are going well, and you feel secure in your life. That is what the Queen represents this month for Scorpio, a time of peace and prosperity. So don’t go looking for battles where there are none! Let those around you know your love and loyalty, as they have carried you through tougher times.

Sagittarius – Nine of Cups Rx – Even when we seem to have it all, sometimes we still feel like we’re lacking. Often this hole in our hearts gets filled up with objects, with vices, and with distractions. But your soul knows what it needs, and when you’re quiet enough, you can hear it speak. Spend some time deep in nature this month, Sag. Find out what your soul truly needs.

Capricorn – The Wheel Rx – Sometimes life give sus highs, and sometimes lows. The wheel of life turns for every person, and stops for no one. Right now might be a low and challenging time. But without these challenges, you wouldn’t have the roots to create higher and brights futures ahead. Toil on, Capricorn, there are rewards at the end of this tough part in your journey.

Aquarius – Three of Pentacles Rx – Where are you letting friendships or collaborations lapse? Sometimes conflict really shows where we need to cut ties with those who aren’t serving us, but maybe you’re burning a bridge that would be better off being repaired. Take comfort in your friends this month, even if that means swallowing some pride and reaching out first.

Pisces –  Page of Cups Rx Sometimes it’s easier to avoid our problems rather than face them head on, but most of the time, they just grow bigger while our back is turned. It’s time to face those deeper emotions that might be painful, and you have been escaping. It’s time to grow as a person, and growth is almost always painful.

Tarotscopes are Provided by Fern – who is on leave right now due to recently having a baby!  She is one of the professional readers with Psychictxt and My Tarot Advisor app

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