TarotScopes for December 2018

Aries – Knight of Cups – This month marks mid Sagittarius season, and also the start of Capricorn. Both are very detail and goal orientated signs, leading you into a strong pursuit of your intentions. As an Aries, it’s best to focus on where you can knuckle down and plow ahead, specifically in the areas you are passionate about. The Knight of cups will guide you to follow your heart, while Sag will make sure your aim is true.

Taurus – Tower Rx – What you have been bottling up and not facing is going to crumble around you, dear Taurus. Don’t let your undoing happen right before your eyes, where you choose to have blinders on. Like the red flag in front of the bull, know that there are distractions around you that can lead you to destruction. Focus on facing your hardships head on.

Gemini – Knight of Wands Rx – Wands are usually associated with air and thought, the embodiment of the Gemini. With a reversal, it shows that the fiery energy of Sagittarius will have you fanning the flames in a direction you don’t really want to go. Remember that you can control your own mind, and to pull in the reigns before you do something too rash.

Cancer – Two of Pentacles – Juggling may come naturally to the fluid Cancer, but this month might have you wondering if you’re stretching it a little too far. Especially as this time of year focuses in on family ties and friendships during the holidays, you might find yourself with the burden of setting the scene for everyone’s enjoyment. Remember to do some self care this month, and don’t let the world bog down your spirit!

Leo – Page of Pentacles Rx – You might be finding yourself a little unmotivated this season, especially in places of work or creative pursuits. All times cant be up, so take the down in stride, letting the time of family and connections carry you through until your energies return. It’s ok to rest!

Virgo – Knight of Wands – Travel looks good for you this month, which is great if you plan to go out for holiday visits! This is the month for you to rise to the challenges before you, and you’ll feel the push of Sagittarius at your back, putting wind in your sails. Keep enthusiasm in your stride as you move forward on goals or plans.

Libra – Six of Pentacles – Fairness is the name of the game for this card, and especially works well for the Libra, as it even has a scale on its face. This month is an opportunity to bring balance to those with hardships around you, even if you feel you have little to give, your time is all that’s needed. Remember that this season of life may be up or down, but there’s always an opportunity to do good works in the lives of others.

Scorpio – Ten of Cups Rx – You might be finding yourself stuck in the middle of a dysfunctional family or home situation this holiday season, and feel trapped by it. Dreams might not be panning out, or promises broken still sting from the past. Remember that the traumas brought up by our family may be deep wounds, but their purpose in our lives is to teach us lessons and make us stronger and more resilient as a result. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth to those who wish only toxicity on you. You’re big enough for this challenge!

Sagittarius – Eight of Swords – Sometimes the way out is completely within our grasp, but we can’t see it. Where are you holding yourself hostage this month? While acknowledging the dark sides of emotions are imperative, living there can bring you only misery. Look at your situation honestly, objectively, to get the difficult truth of a way out. It might not be easy, but it’s necessary in order to move forward.

Capricorn – Ten of Wands – Don’t overload yourself, though a Capricorn is always prone to doing so! Taking on more than you can handle will only burn yourself down, and leave you too empty to put in the full effort required for your commitments. Trim away the excess burdens that aren’t necessary. There’s always tomorrow to tackle them, or the ability to reassign them to another person!

Aquarius – Nine of Swords Rx – You may find yourself falling deeper into a pit this month than you have before. Know that it’s shaking you to your core, not so you’ll fall apart, but so that you can reaffirm your own foundations. You are strong, and rock bottom marks an end to a hard time, and a chance to start new. Take that chance.

Pisces – Eight of Pentacles – Keep working away at your goals, you’re chipping away diligently, and you’re going to soon start seeing the rewards of those efforts. The energy of Sag and the tenacity of Capricorn will aid you greatly in your goals this season. Keeping sowing those seeds, you’re making progress!!

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