TarotScopes for February 2017

This month, as we focus on love and relationships for Valentines, the solar system lines up into a path of smooth sailing. Right now until the 6th, all planets are direct, making for a clear path of intentions to start our month on. On the 10th, the moon is full in Leo. The full moon is about expression and going without, combined with Leo leads the power of fire to our goals and creative nature. During the full moon is a great time to charge any crystals you have, and start any new projects!

On the 18th, Sun enters Pisces. You’ll notice that you’re more understanding and sensitive to others feelings. This sign of water comes just in time as we feel a lot of divide, and it’s time to understand each others pains in order to heal them, together. Aquarius brought us to our higher truths, but Pisces shows that the yin and yang are actually part of one another.

Finally the moon is completely hidden on the 26th. The new moon is a time of going within and inner reflection, so while it’s in Pisces, this is the best time for spiritual work. Meditations, inner child healing, and time alone with your thoughts.

On to the tarotscopes, which are done with The Wild Unknown tarot deck.

tarotscopes feb 2017

Aries – Death – Strong willed and fiery Aries will be seeing a time of transition in this month, endings are falling into place in your life, but from the place left open, you’ll be finding new opportunities waiting to grow. From the ashes rise new growth, new life, and exciting adventures. So while this metaphorical “death” can be a difficult transition, it is a time of metamorphosis in a needed part of your life. Learn to exhale, process what’s happening, and let go with grace.

Taurus – Ten of Swords – The month for the Taurus will be a time of challenges. Think of this time as a “dark night of the soul,” or “the night is darkest before the dawn.” While difficulties are arising and seem to be coming at you from all angles, this time is about letting what will be, just be. This month is marking the end of resistance to what’s happening, and that allows you to rise again when you’re ready, and be wiser from the experience.

Gemini – Father of Cups – Gemini’s know their personalities can swing to which ever way the wind blows, and right now, you’ll be showing more of your compassionate side. For the Gemini, this will mean being more involved, emotionally steady and there for your friends. Making deeper your connections with those you love, and being a resting place for those in your life. For mothers and fathers, this is a strong paternal instinct and reminiscing; for relationships, this is a deepening time of your bond.

Cancer – Son of Swords Rx – Slow down there little crab, this month shows you rushing into waters a bit over your head right now. Be sure to take things slowly, deep breaths before big decisions. A whirlwind of activity is going on around you this month, and you might be caught up in your ideas without thinking all things through. Remember that good results are from hard work and diligence, as well as grand ideas.

Leo – Daughter of Swords – This month finds the Leo looking out towards the world with a new eye, watching with excitement. The power of the Leo comes full force here towards a new goal and ambition, but remember that this is just the beginning phase and step, and more planning and thought is needed to make your dreams a reality.

Virgo – Five of Wands – Normally very orderly, the Virgo will find issue with this month because challenges will keep popping up like a game of whack a mole. The normally much defined side of a Virgo will see their way of life being under protest and trial by those around them. This can be very disconcerting, but also a good opportunity for a lesson in disguise.

Libra – Strength Rx – The sign of balance is going to find themselves a little out of sorts this month. Moments of self doubt will cloud their normally concise judgment. Where are you being too harsh on yourself or those around you? Where can you focus your sights more on the achievements rather than downfalls?

Scorpio – Wheel of Fortune – All that comes down, must come back up. This is the lesson of The Wheel in tarot. This month finds your rising back to the top of the hill. Use this time to focus on your ambitions, goals, connections, and also to make new ones. Fate is smiling your way, don’t waste it!

Sagittarius – Nine of Swords Rx – This months shows you worrying…a lot! Anxiety can easily spin out of control with things don’t go a Sagi’s way, but don’t let this consume you. Deep breathing, focusing on healing, and a gentle approach to life will help right this. Things might not always go how we planned, but they’re also not as bad as they seem, either. Take time to take a step back and regain perspective this month.

Capricorn – The Sun – After confusion and trial, the sun shines again in your life this month. For the Capi, this means your endeavors and family ties are looking better than the past few months. Keep on the sunny side, keep saying ‘Yes’ to life, and to the abundance around you.

Aquarius – Eight of Pentacles – This month finds you spinning the web of your life, adding to the finer details, and working away diligently at your projects. Keep up the good work, re-affirm the focus of your task, and you will see success here.

Pisces – Justice – This month is about getting to the truth of situations…cause and effect, fairness, and decisions. What has happened in your recent past is coming to a decisive point in its progress. This might be a bad relationship, finally seeing the light of truth, and cutting that person off. It could be a co-worker who has been breaking company rules, finally finding some reprimand for their actions. Think of where you need this energy now in your life, and harness the power of truth behind it, it’s open to you.


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