TarotScopes for July 2017

Aries  Hanged Man Rx- In this time of Cancer, the fiery Aires are going to have a hard time. Indecision and uncertainty are clouding the normal thoughts of how they move forward.

Taurus  Knight of Pentacles – Routine, routine, routine! The comfort and security that this earth sign desires will be the basis of their month. Let your steady determination lead the way this month, and don’t allow others doubts to confuse that nature.

Gemini – Queen of Cups – The air sign will have a natural calm flow to them this month, with their intuition seeming to stream right into their normal conscious thoughts. A compassionate side will show where normally the quick witted sign will judge others.

Cancer – The Devil Rx – Cancers, happy upcoming birthdays! This month will show you testing new waters as you break out of old patterns that were holding and restricting you in extreme ways before. Be ready for summer adventures, new risks and big rewards for your new release!

Leo – Two of Cups – A strong relationship is important part of the Leo’s life, especially with themselves, and those they’ve found loyalty to. Let this month be a time where your self love is a focus, so you can improve that connection you have with those you care about.

Virgo – The Chariot – Driving yourself forward will pay off this month, and you’ll find your focus has brought you to the winning side of your goals. These achievements may seem small, or may be large, but over all they are going to matter most to you and not something recognized by society. Let these carry you forward and recharge you for the coming months.

Libra – The Nine of Swords Rx – Some major changes have happened in recent months, and can leave a certain gloom in the Libras demeanor. Know that the dark times set a back drop to the beautiful days in our lives, and give yourself the space to process whatever you’re grieving at this time. Be it a lost loved one, or just a piece of your own shadow you haven’t fully exposed yet.

Scorpio – The Knight of Cups Rx – The Scorpio is going to use their good side and determinations to navigate this July. Show your charming side to others, and find how easily this opens doors you previously found closed!

Sagittarius – Seven of Cups Rx – A lot of options and ways forward are appearing in front of the Sagi this month, and a lot of these are diversions. Don’t let yoyur purpose or focus waiver, because you’ll need all that directed focus to make it through the smoke and mirrors now.

Capricorn – The World Rx – Things are going upside down for the goat sign this month. Where they normally find security, there will be simply thin air. The rigidness of this sign will resist the unexpected, but by learning to adapt, we learn to survive and face the fight for another day.

Aquarius – King of Wands Rx – There are big ideas for the Aquarius this month which might not be realistic. This sign can have a tendency for the grandeur, and this month is going to show that not all of those ideas can be true.

Pisces –  Queen of Swords –  The fish sign will show their best selves this month, with intelligence, poise, and grace. Your energies will lead you to become more independent in your life, but keeping thins together and organized. This isn’t an isolation, just more like everything coming together for you.

Fern provides the TarotScopes for My Tarot Advisor each month – she is on a sabbatical right now but will be back available later this summer to provide you with amazing tarot insights.



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