TarotScopes for June 2017


Welcome To The Month of June! Summer is almost here and Fern has provided us with the Tarotscopes for the month ahead!

Aries – Nine of Wands – This month is all about pushing through for the Aries, which they’re very skilled at! Simply put your head down and trod forward, no matter what it takes for your goals.

Taurus – Knight of Pentacles – If Taurus could be any card in the deck, it would probably be this one. Take this as a sign to stick to your true nature, keep steady and focused, and allow this month to guide you patiently ahead.

Gemini – Page of Pentacles Rx – This month is the prime time for Gemini’s, but being in your element can also go to your head. Watch out for only focusing on the short term pleasures and not the long term gains for your life right now.

Cancer – Judgement – Now is a chance for your inner rebirth, an to find that wake up call in your heart, pointing towards where you want to go. End of June is the time of Cancer, and this moment is going to be leading up to some good revelations for you.

Leo – Eight of Cups Rx – This month will show you not feeling a lot of your aim right now. While sometimes being in an air sign like Gemini can fuel your fire and passions, it can also blow them out if they’re not burning long enough yet. Be careful that you’re not leading up to walking away from something too soon.

Virgo – Knight of Wands Rx – This month is showing the Virgo moving with haste, and this undermining some of their ambitions. To avoid delays, be sure to give pause and reflect on factors out of your control, before rushing ahead.

Libra – Ten of Swords Rx – Libras may have a hard time this month, and the introspective side will be the cause. Don’t get caught up on your anxieties, and forget to see the tides soon turning again for the better.

Scorpio – Ten of Pentacles Rx – June looks like it will have some heavy financial focuses for the Scorpio. Budget wisely, as this may be the month where you need to dip into and rely your savings.

Sagittarius – The Moon Rx – Saggi’s are releasing their fears and aiming clear at their goals this month. Look for it as a time of new focus and navigating out of the dark. You’re not there yet, but on your way.

Capricorn – Two of Cups – June is a time to focus on your love life. Be this romantic partner or family, be sure to hone in and let those around you know you’re ready for a deeper connection.

Aquarius – The Devil – Though a very spiritually focused sign, Aquarius will find themselves caught up in illusions this month if not careful. See through them for what they are, as all things have hidden agendas.

Pisces –  Four of Pentacles Rx – It’s easy to become possessive if you have suffered in the past form a lack of excess….in anything from love to financial wealth. But remember what it’s like to be in those shoes, and not get caught up in what you have now.

fern sq Fern is taking a sabbatical from doing readings this summer but she will be back Autumn 2017 and will be available at My Tarot Advisor and Psychictxt.


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