TarotScopes for June 2018

Aries  The Magician Rx – Where is your perception and power out of touch with reality this month? That’s where to focus your energy and attention…not on what you think you want and need, but on what the universe is actually guiding you towards. Miss use of your power will only lead to frustrations, and your attention is your power! Wield your perception like a weapon…with care and certainty.

Taurus  Two of Cups – Balance, harmony and the coming together of forces are at work. With the air sign Gemini blowing into your life this month, it will help bring up those powerfully rooted earth tendencies of the Taurus nature. While things might not always be easy, look for events to not be as dramatic or devastating as they otherwise could have been!

Gemini – King of Wands – This is your time to shine, so let your heart soar on these winds, Gemini! While many challenges may come your way, take them in stride, as is often your power to do so. Know that the fire inside of you burns brightly, and you can direct that to even your highest goals. Focus this month on the bigger picture, the big goals you want to face and tackle.

Cancer – Strength Rx – The Cancer may struggle with the energy coming into this sun sign, as Gemini brings out the dual sided nature in all of us. Mostly, Cancers tuck away their emotions and feelings to keep them safe, and it may be showing itself now as insecurities and self doubts, poking through those defenses. Recognize when these fears crop up, and know that it’s an opportunity to nurture your soul where those shadows are exposed.

Leo – Queen of Wands Rx – Be wary of the darker side of your firy passions poking through this month. While Leos may stand behind their feelings with the pride of a lion, it can often only be adding fuel to your own negative fires when you indulge in ideas of jealousy, selfishness, and demanding things of others for your benefit.

Virgo – The Hierophant Rx – Try taking a new approach during this time. While tried and true can be a comfortable habit to get into, it won’t be serving your highest goals and interests for long. Exploring and expanding to new ideas may just be the key to moving forward right now. Don’t be afraid of risks!

Libra – King of Wands – Air is moving through your sign this month, and harmonizing well with your over reaching goals. Where can you be the leader, the decider, and the motivator for those around you? The stars are calling you to step into yourself right now, and show how balance and fairness can be a great strength for the world right now.

Scorpio – The Empress Rx – Where you can be kind, be kind this month Scorpio. Especially to yourself. When we project our issues and problems on to others, it’s our soul’s way of showing where we are deeply hurting. It’s easy to get caught up in blaming others, but when your own cup is full, you have less time to judge anothers. Practice deep breathing, and fulfilling your own needs this month.

Sagittarius – Eight of Cups Rx – You may not be able to feel where you’re going and the recent losses sting. This month will hold a lot of past pains and traumas surfacing to be healed, and that can make for a lot of confusion as you don’t know if you’re truly still on the right path. You are! Just the only way out, is through, and healing is rough. Don’t fear the losses from the past, just process their meaning and part in your life in the now.

Capricorn – Six of Swords Rx – Carrying around too much baggage will sink even the most buoyant of ships. Let go of those things holding you into the past, the emotional pains, the issues you have yet to resolve. If you want to move forward and aren’t sure how, this is where the universe is highlighting for you right now. Letting go is healing, too.

Aquarius – Queen of Cups – Someone near you may need an ear or a shoulder soon, and you could just be the perfect person for this job. Alternatively, you may need to be lending an ear to yourself and your own heart this month. Tap into that calm inner nurturing side!

Pisces –  King of Pentacles Rx – Indulgence can feel nice to start, but what is the cost, long term? Take a step back this month and look on where you are filling in holes in your heart, with material or physical aspects that aren’t working in your favor for the long term. Where is the original pain from? What is its root, and how can you face that, instead of painting over top of the pain?

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