TarotScopes for March 2018

Aries   Six of Swords Rx –Remember that where you are going, is better than where you have been. It can be easy to look back and miss the good times, but there are things that have pushed you away, and it’s time to face a new reality. That reality is one that you create and are in charge of, and it will start when you cut those past ties.

Taurus  King of Cups – Mastering your emotions and finding balance in your inner life is going to be the focus of the March. Accepting, acknowledging, and healing your own feelings leads you to be better equipped to guide others through their own emotional transitions. You are a strong leader this month, a shoulder for others to lean on, and someone who has the capability to handle that.

Gemini – Two of Pentacles – Finding your priorities will help balance your life more this month. While one hand may hold many opportunities, knowing what forces stand in your way is a healthy way to be able to make your goals more attainable. Especially for the Gemini, who is constantly switching between their two sides, the duality aspect will rise up this month, and you’ll be challenged to use your natural abilities to adapt to what’s thrown your way.

Cancer – Knight of Wands Rx – When your energy is overflowing, it can be hard to see the obstacles that are standing in your path. You may react aggressively or impulsively to something impeding your forward momentum. But remember, obstacles are lessons in disguise, and you may need to slow down and fully evaluate what you’re throwing your whole self into right now.

Leo – Five of Cups Rx – Pulling yourself up from a dark situation can be difficult, but this month shows you starting to move on from a place inside that held you emotionally prisioner. The energy may still be painful, but finding acceptance in it and seeing that not all has been lost, will begin that process of healing that can still feel hard to achieve. This month is for moving on, from what’s not serving you anymore, Leo.

Virgo – Ten of Swords Rx – .The suffering you’ve gone through in your past has a point and a purpose, and this month is about realizing that. How you have been shaped, and grown from your trials, though they may have been painful and defeating. These trials have moved you forward in a direction you may not have been strong enough to go in before, and it’s important now to be more focused on recovery, than on what has happened that brought you here.

Libra – Ace of Cups Rx – Where you have been flowing and feeling vibes, may not be truly open to you as a path right now. There is emptiness this month from emotions being blocked or wasted. Your cup has been emptied, what can I do to fill it again, but not make the same mistakes that have led it to be tipped over? Letting your heart lead can feel fun, but unless your soul guides the process, you’ll get hurt, and often!

Scorpio – Eight of Wands – Things are picking up for you Scorpio, and where you have aimed your arrows, they are taking flight. This is good news if you have been waiting on a new job, a new love, or big changes to come to you. Look for movement this month that will bring you closer to where you have been focusing.

Sagittarius – Two of Wands – You’ve had the dreams, now it’s time to harness that energy into plans and focusing on the ‘how’. Making progress here means you’ll be starting your ‘journey of a thousand miles, starting with a single step’. Keep making those steps, no matter how small, to make your plans a reality.

Capricorn – Knight of Pentacles – Keep doing what you’re best at Cappi, and stay diligent to your goals. Keeping that pace of hard work and efficiency rolling, and staying true to the beat of your own drum, is the goal for this month. Focus despite repetitive nature of your tasks, will bring you what you’re hoping to achieve.

Aquarius –Nine of Cups – You’ve reached a point of emotional security and stability, and that’s no small feat! Allow yourself to celebrate the joys of where you are and what you’ve accomplished. Surrounding yourself with those you love, and not taking them for granted, will bring you prosperity this month.

Pisces –  Seven of Pentacles – Perseverance through these hard times are going to be your ally right now. Remember that you’re sowing the seeds for your own future, and sometimes that will mean a lot of waiting until you see those plans actualized. Hard work will pay off with great rewards, after diligence and patience.

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