TarotScopes for May 2017


Welcome to the month of May (finally!)  Fern provides us with this months TarotScopes for each of the star signs. What’s in the Cards, and Stars for YOU this month?

Aries  Four of Pentacles Rx – Aries has plowed ahead in their dreams and forged forward through a lot these past few months. Now May sees them taking some steps back and becoming more reserved, protecting what they’ve gained and fearing to risk too much. Focus on your financial gains and how you can save this month, but without becoming too conservative!

Taurus  Three of Pentacles Rx – We’re in the time of Taurus, so you’re in your prime! However, be careful not to get to boisterous in your own abilities, that you alienate others around you. Everyone has something to offer this world, it’s finding out how to make it all work where the true talent lies.

Gemini – Hierophant Rx – Gemini’s are natural tricksters and types who love to have a little fun in the status quo. Be sure that your fun isn’t getting you into too much trouble this month, but aside from that, it looks like it’s time to tap into that hidden talent of yours!

Cancer – The Empress – This month you’re tapping into your emotional side heavily. Normal for a Cancer, right? Let it flow. Show those you care about that they matter, send thank you cards to those who have helped you. Let that hidden ability to make others happy, just come naturally.

Leo – King of Pentacles – The fire in Leo has lead to a place of calm this month. You’ve acquired a bit, weathered the latest retrogrades, and are sitting atop your metaphorical throne this month. Enjoy it! You never know when the tides will turn again.

Virgo – Ten of Wands Rx – Be careful of taking on too many burdens, dear Virgo. The energy here says you’re overloading yourself, stretching out your consciousness and so not giving your full attention where it’s needed. Take a step back, and reevaluate your priorities.

Libra – Nine of Wands Rx – Persistence works well when you’re aimed correctly, but are you sure you’re on the right path right now? If you’re feeling doubts and hesitance about moving forward, it might be time to recalibrate your sights before trying again.

Scorpio – High Priestess – Your intuition fuels your time right now, let it guide you forward. Your Guides are close, as well as your Guardian. Take chances where you feel guided! See where it takes you.

Sagittarius – Five of Cups Rx – The last month held a lot of challenges, and this month is about letting go and moving on, and accepting what’s happened. Untethering yourself from the past allows the energy to move forward, and you’ll see how you’ve become stronger from these trials.

Capricorn – Four of Swords Rx – Careful that your pursuits are not burning yourself out, in pulling your progress backwards instead of the way you want to go. Don’t push things so hard, that you have no steam left to see your projects to the end!

Aquarius – Queen of Pentacles Rx – The Aquarius can easily get lost in their thoughts, and it’s creating an imbalance in your relationships and family life. It’s time to ground, and hard! Make meditation a daily commitment, and pull yourself back into your own body.

Pisces –  Page of Wands – It’s a chance discovery this month coming for the Pisces. New enthusiasm and explorations in your own interests and life will open. If you’re wanting to try something new, a new hobby or meetup group, nows the time!

fern sqTarotscopes provided by Fern, who is currently on leave from My Tarot Advisor but will return in a few months!  You can speak with any of our professional tarot advisors available inapp.  My Tarot Advisor is now available at Google Play and iTunes for download.

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