Tarotscopes for September 2017

Aries  Seven of Cups Rx – Theres a lot on the table for the Aries this month, but not a lot that is clear or distinctly obvious on what is the correct way to move forward. Be careful of diversions, and navigate the confusion by listening to your heart and not your mind on any choices you’ll be making. Especially for love.

Taurus  Page of Pentacles Rx – The normally driven Taurus will find themselves somewhat  relaxed for once! While this is a good thing for your sign overall, don’t let it throw you into a total rut. Remember that nothing is permanent, and to flow, instead of falling into laziness or completely impractical goals.

Gemini – King of Pentacles Rx – Gemini might feel they are on top of the world this month, but itll be a false sense of security. Don’t let your own importance distance you from others around you who may need a more gentle approach during the sensitive time of the Virgo.

Cancer –  Six of Cups Rx – For the heart-on-their-sleeve Cancer, it can be hard to face changes in their routines or line ups of friends. This month looks like you’ll face some difficult transitions for your connections and relationships, but it won’t be heavy.

Leo – Seven of Pentacles – For Leo, you’ll be coming out strong from the month of August. Shake your manes and get ready, because it’s time to focus on your goals and work right now. Perseverance will be paving the way to success, especially in places of money or savings.

Virgo – Death Rx – Good news for the Virgo in the time of their birth! A renewal and metamorphosis has been underway, especially during the time of the eclipse and release of old patterns therein. Look forward to a month of new avenues for release, freedom, and breath the air new again.

Libra –  Ace of Swords – Your time is coming towards the end of Semptember, and the energy is building up for you. There is much energetic potential to be harnessed this month, if you choose to be open to it. Looking for a new relationship, job, idea, or project? Wait for that divine sign, and hop on it. There is strength in your steps these days, be ready to harness that when the opportune moment arrives.

Scorpio –  Eight of Cups Rx – You’ll be finding the walking away from a situation that has escalated will be the only route to peace. There’s always that feeling that you’re risking losing something more, but far more awaits you on the other side of this process. This is especially true in a situation of love and arguments there in.

Sagittarius – The Moon Rx – Saggi’s can often get set in their ideas of what way they want things to go, but the process here is going to be very unclear. Planning won’t help, and it’s time to tap into your intuition for guidance.

Capricorn – Judgment Rx- Be careful not to turn that critical gaze inwards and become self sabotaging, dear Capricorns. While you may be able to see through most situations with ease, what you see may not always be the heart of the matter, even if it is the truth. So when you don’t like the reflection you see in the mirror of your soul, look on how to fix it, and not just belittle yourself.

Aquarius – Three of Cups Rx – Finding solitude in yourself and your close family can be the rest you need right now. Don’t always feel that more is better when it comes to your relationships, be it friends, extended family, or even your social media persona. Keep it to the basics, and rest your social bug for a bit.

Pisces –  Ten of Cups Rx – You might be feeling a little disconnected from your joy and ties with others right now.  Maybe a situation isn’t being handled how you would like, or just differences of opinions is getting to your inner nature. It’s always to step back and wait for peace to present itself again in it’s own time.

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