TarotScopes for September 2018

Aries – Nine of Pentacles – The season of Virgo may have you feeling withdrawn and more independent than before. Embrace this side, as it has it’s own merits for your growth. Everyone needs a break now and then, and right now that energy is pushing you towards success. You’ve worked hard, now you’ll have the results to show for it, but it will be from your own labors.

Taurus – Queen of Swords – You are sharpened from your trials over the past few months, and it’s cleared a lot of the path ahead of you. But be careful your sharpness doesn’t make you difficult to be around, be aware of how your new perspective might not be welcome by others.

Gemini – Five of Cups – Finding peace is the theme for Gemini this month. Let the tides wash away and carry your pains with them. Remember to exhale. Acceptance will lead you to greater heights after September ends.

Cancer – Two of Wands Rx – Plans are not going as you hoped this month, and that’s ok. Remember to step back and let your intuition guide why this obstacle is presenting itself. It may be for your best interest, even if you can’t see why yet. Trust the flow, and don’t take it personal!

Leo – Four of Swords – It’s been an intense Leo month last August, and those with the sign in it probably felt that fire rising up beautifully. However, you’ve burnt a lot of your reserves, and are hitting a point of restless burn out, to try to keep that energy up in September too. Rest, and try not to over stretch yourself!

Virgo – Strength – Well suited for the sun in Virgo, Strength card shows you finding all the tools you need are already in your hands. It’s just knowing how, and when, to use them for your best advantage. Your inner abilities are waiting for you to access them, so just open your energy to receive all the blessings possible this month!

Libra – The World Rx – You’re near the completion of a recent goal or task. However, something is standing in your way to having the closure you need. While it can be frustrating, and you may feel eager to just get on with things, this is an opportunity to make sure all your loose ends are tied up and won’t be haunting you later.

Scorpio – Nine of Swords Rx – Don’t let yourself get worked up over something that might be nothing this month. Remember to be objective, to step back form your emotions, and not let them cloud your judgement. What you see may not be what you perceive it to be….and if you act on that, it will only bury you deeper into your own fears.

Sagittarius – The Empress Rx – It can be easy to become dependent on an idea. You want something so badly, that you throw everything you’ve got into it. As is the nature of the Saggi. However, if you hold onto a flame too tight, you smother it. Take a few steps back this month and ground heavily when given the chance, or you’ll sabotage your own desires.

Capricorn – King of Swords Rx – It can be all too easy for Capricorns to become critical, both of themselves and others. The King of Swords embodies the nature of this sign perfectly, someone who is sharp and cuts through to the core of things. However, this is a weapon just as much as a tool. Make sure you’re not cutting those you love, or even yourself, with your sharpness.

Aquarius – Two of Cups Rx – This season of Virgo will have communication errors for the Aquarius. What you wish to convey to those closest to you is being misunderstood, whether deliberately, or accidentally. Allow your thoughts to gather more fully before you engage again, so as not to start arguments or further the rift between you and the one you care about.

Pisces – Six of Wands Rx – When we don’t receive the recognition we think we have earned, we can begin to doubt our own abilities. Remember to take time to self-nurture, water your own garden even when others forget to. This will help recharge you, and cure some of those insecure thoughts.

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