The Full Moon

Harnessing The Energies of the Full Moon
The Moon….an endless source of wonder and has captured man’s imagination through the ages.
The Moon is not only beautiful and the subject of romantic tales but has great influence in our lives.
The Moon operates on a 28 day cycle as do women’s menstrual cycles. The Moon affects the growth of plants,  the tides and our emotions. The Full Moon lends its energy to help bring things to fruition, of manifestation.

Looking for a new place to live? The Full Moon is the PERFECT time to set your intentions on finding that new place, releasing those intentions to the Universe and asking that your intentions manifest by the next Full Moon.
Do you practice Spellwork? Aligning your Spellwork for manifesting things by the next Full Moon (realistically of course) into your life will help you greatly.

Aligning yourself with the energies of the Moon is going with nature, like swimming with the current as opposed to against it.
If you are looking for growth or increase in something, align your intentions or Spellwork with the New Moon.
If you are looking to manifest, you can do no better than doing your work with the Full Moon.
If you are looking for something to decrease for example help in shrinking a tumor, a relationship to end peacefully the energy of the Waning Moon is what to align with.

But the Full Moon is when she is in her glory, at her peak and when you are looking for the most POW to have something happen in your life as opposed to growing or shrinking something then send out your intentions, do your Spellwork or do  however it is that you do things with the energy of the Full Moon on your side

If you align yourself with her energies it can be incredibly powerful. Do not underestimate the power and influence of the Moon!

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