The Gift of Imperfections

It is possible to not be perfect and still be loved. So many of us spend the majority of our lives in search for perfection because we think that is what will attract great love into our lives, but actually this is the opposite of what the universe has set out for us.

When starting new relationships, we can find there is an on going fight against our authenticity, we spend the majority of our time showing off only the ‘lighter’ aspects of ourselves or the more peaceful parts of who we are. By only shining the good, we are creating the perfect escape route from the parts of ourselves we do not want to take ownership for, for example, if we have had a dark past or we are presently experiencing some form of chaos, we settle in the fear of not being accepted. By continuing to suppress this anger, the fear and shame that we perceive as ‘negative’ or ‘toxic’ energies that the other person might judge us for, the longer the inner work we intended to heal from is avoided out of fear for what might actually be uncovered. In my experience, truth is always uncovered, be it after a weeks or months and the sooner we start the process of being our true authentic selves with those we love, the sooner we can accept ourselves and forgive our past.

How about we learn to let someone love us just the way we are, however blemished our pasts are, however unattractive we so often feel, and stop exhausting ourselves with the fight for perfection, to the point we are forcing ourselves to believe that we must hide all of the parts of us that are damaged, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving the parts of ourselves that are less than perfect.

Lets not forget that we learn through our imperfections because it gives us a chance to understand ourselves in a space of growth. If everything and everyone was perfect, how would we be able to learn and grow through life with the intention to become better people?

We have been given the gift of imperfection so we can build ourselves to be the best we can be, without imperfections we won’t be unique, without uniqueness, we won’t be loveable.

Blessings Always  ~Dara

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