The Power of Expansion: Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system an indicator of expansion is it luck, wealth or spirituality.  It is a planet of happiness and optimism. It is blessed to have the ownership of authority, High status. Position, Spirituality. Being a natural benefic planet it enhances all the positive aspect of life including family, wealth and even high spiritual status. One dominated by it will be of great charisma have higher authority and will be most stable in attitude. However good fortune is mostly dominated by it and it posses all the favorable factors of life.

The expansion of every important thing is a need everybody wants to fulfill. Be it marriage, kids, wealth or spiritual enlightenment. Every one of us crave of different desires and its expansion is under the benefic result of Jupiter.

However, we all love to encounter its positive results. When favorable it gives wisdom, balance, high status and respect in society. Although when negatively placed it makes a person egoistic in a negative way. It creates an imbalance in spiritual life also. People go against religion and take the risk which bears negative results. Monetary and wealth loss is an important indicator of a negative Jupiter

All the spiritual leaders born in any era have especially dominated by this planet. It has given some important spiritual leaders/godman to society .It touches the aspect of expansion in one’s life . However, it doesn’t always mean that expansions are favorable. It expands whatever it touches be good or bad.

….. Meha

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