The Signs Are Everywhere, If You Know How To Look!

In the days of old, nobody batted an eye when the seers and wisemen looked to nature to decipher omens. It was expected that the gods/higher powers/spirits etc would give the signs when asked for so that mortal humans could get a leg up on their enemies or mother nature’s wrath. In today’s world, people are more focused on mainstream or “acceptable” methods of divination or predictions. Modern scientific proof is absolutely necessary for some, while others are more comfortable with divine messages that won’t even make sense to anyone but themselves, like dimes in random places.

Why then have we drifted away from looking for these little nudges from spirit? There was a time when it was considered normal to see omens and signs. Unfortunately, they began to be discouraged from various religious leaders as people didn’t turn to them for guidance. Omens and signs were rebranded as “superstitions” and “folk-lore”. Sure some things like fairy rings likely had a scientific explanation, but some things like a random animal that isn’t usually in your area stopping to make eye contact with you while a specific message pops into your head isn’t always just a random occurrence. Having a feather fall at your feet or show up in a spot where a feather just isn’t supposed to be (like on your bed when there are never feathers in there,) takes a bit of work from spirit to get there.

Images in ordinary things like coffee, tea leaves, clouds, anything that you see and don’t look at twice throughout a normal day. If you ask for signs, they will show up. While science may say that due to psychology, you will see things simply because you are looking for them, like when you want to see those dual pictures of a duck and a rabbit. The irony, is that that is how the scientific method works in a way as well. When you are running scientific tests, you are looking for a specific thing, and even if other things are happening that don’t make sense, so long as what you are watching for happens, and it does, it is considered a success and then the other variables MAY be looked at later if something goes wrong or someone notices a trend.

All science aside, signs can come in any shape, form, sense, or conscious state. You may be sleeping and dreaming of your nanny’s chocolate chip cookies, and you wake up smelling them. You may be drawing yourself a fancy bubble bath and walk in and see a big heart shape within the bubbles. You may win a random prize that turns out to be your spirit animal, or the animal that you have felt the most connected to for years.

Signs can be noticed by any normal person, it doesn’t take an intuitive or psychic to point them out for you. What you see and understand while seeing it, is usually the answer for what it means to you spiritually, in that moment. Trust yourself to know what your message is from it, and if you aren’t sure, the internet has a huge assortment of number meanings, symbolism, animal medicine and messages, and plant and flower meanings. If all that doesn’t help, a meditation almost always will!

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